Cornwall is for Lovers by H.P. Medina Review


Cornwall is for Lovers

Stars: 3

It’s 1945, and German-born Kenneth Diederich is sick of the war, sick of his job, and sick of pining after best friend Frank Malone, who has recently re-entered his life. When the war suddenly ends, it seems like the most natural thing in the world to accept Frank’s offer of a holiday trip. The two of them, on Frank’s trusty Triumph motorcycle, heading down to the wide blue bay of Cornwall… What could go wrong?

♦ 27,000 words .


This was an extremely slow read and an extremely slow burn short story. It wasn’t bad. But certainly wasn’t what I was expecting.

I enjoyed the build up of the friends reconnecting. But… I’ll be honest here. I needed more romance. Just some hope of what’s to come. You really don’t get that until way later in the story. But it still wasn’t a lot to hold on to.

This book is full on British. It was kind of hard to get into. Americans do not use a lot of the words that they use. Or phrase things as they do. So it took me awhile to get into it. It wasn’t bad. Just hard to follow at times.

The ending of this book just kind of stops. Right when it was getting good. Why? I felt that’s what the book needed to even It out. Plus I would have liked to read more about them as a couple.

Overall… this was an ok read for me. A little in the slow side. But… Sweet… friends reconnecting and finding something more between them.

*ARC provided by Less Than Three Press via NetGalley*

Author: H.P. Medina

H.P. Medina is the proud owner of an English BA, who likes to read, write, and think about writing, all while under the constant scrutiny of a large, intimidating Siamese cat.

When they are not reading or writing, H.P. likes to research, cook and play the piano, though the cat tends to follow them wherever they go and provide criticism in the form of mews – if only someone would translate!

One day, they hope to own a bookshop in England (H.P., not the intimidating Siamese cat).

H.P. Medina can be found at

Less Than Three Press-


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