Always You By Missy Johnson

always you

Always You
By Missy Johnson

Stars: 5

Reviewed by:


I was thrilled when I was offered a graduate teaching
position at the prestigious Tennerson Girls Academy. At twenty-three, this would
be my first ‘real’ teaching assignment. Working at the elite boarding school,
home to the daughters of some of the wealthiest people in the world, was a great
opportunity that I would’ve been stupid to pass up.

One week into my new job, and I suddenly had no idea why I chose high school…I was a seventeen year old boy once, I knew how teenage girls behaved.

You can’t even imagine the hell of trying to teach thirty, hormonal driven seventeen year olds who have been cooped up, away from any male contact.

I could handle the whispers every time I entered the room. I could even handle the obvious attempts at gaining my attention. What I couldn’t handle was her…

Rich bitches and way too many rules. Was it any wonder that I hated school?

Add to that the lack of male contact, and I was going insane. Like literally. I wasn’t used to this. A year ago I was normal. I had a boyfriend,friends and a loving family. There is nothing normal about me anymore, and nobody here lets me forget that.

My name is Wrenn, and I’m only here because my aunt took me in after what happened, but my aunt also happens to be the headmistress of this academy…Can you see my problem?

I’m hated for my lack of money, and I’m hated for who my Aunt is.

Then he arrived. Dalton Reed. My new history teacher.

Slowly, he helped me see that even in the worst situations, there is always hope.



This book was a fast & easy read. I read this book in about 5 hours.
Could have been sooner if I didn’t have to feed the kids….lol

This book
surprised me… & in a good way!
It was really good… Kind of sad too. I
wasn’t expecting that.

I loved Wrenn & Dalton story! Both had issues they both had to overcome. And another issue was the whole teacher/student thing!
I loved how the author wrote them. The whole internal struggle they both went through. The forbiddenness of it all.

I loved it!!

Dalton story took me by surprise. & was a major part of the story. I felt really bad for him.
But I felt the author did a good job explaining his situation.

In the end… I felt good about this story. I wouldn’t mind if the author wrote another book… About them!
Would I read more books by this author…yes!!!
Most definitely!!

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About this author

Missy lives in a small town in Central Victoria with her husband, and her confused pets (a dog who think she’s a cat, a cat who thinks he’s a dog…you get the picture).
When she’s not writing, she can usually be found looking for something to read

Tour Of Duty When Riley Met Cara Book 2

tour of duty 2

Tour of Duty (When Riley Met Cara #2)
by C.J.

Stars: 4

Reviewed by:


Army Sergeant Riley Forrester knew all about love,
loss, and pain. He knew the love of a woman just to lose it. He had spent the
best summer of his life with a beautiful single mother named Cara Reid, and then
desperately needed her love to get him through a long, cold deployment. When
things went horribly wrong overseas, he decided it was best to let Cara go and
let her move on with her life. Cara wouldn’t be forgotten that easily, though.
She had seeped her way into his heart and his dreams and Riley knew he’d never
love another like her.

Contains adult content, for readers 18 and older.
Also contains minor scenes of war.


I bought patriotic Duty by accident. It was the best accident that could have ever happened to me!!!
Because it brought this amazing love story to my attention!! & I could totally relate to some of the story between Cara & Riley.
I met my husband when he was in the Marine Corps. 3 months later.. We’re getting married!!!
So I can see….meeting someone & just falling for that person!
When I found out there was going to be a second book. I could not wait to read it!!!

This story is told from Riley POV & I must say…this book broke my heart. It deals with some very real issues. Scary issue.

I liked hearing Riley’s side of things. What he was thinking…feeling… When he met Cara.
How he was feeling when he was deployed to Afghanistan.
& the part that broke my heart. Finding out what happened to him & his friends in Afghanistan.
His struggle to get back on track.
I can’t even begin to relate to what men & women have to do to get their life’s back from an ordeal like what Riley went through.
It was really sad.But… For me the best part of this book was the last 90%.
Seeing Riley & Cara come together & moving on with their lives together!
I know that’s not always the case with military men that have had some serious injuries coming back from combat duty.
But this is a nice story with a HEA at the end.
& I loved it!!
Will I read more from this author… Yes!!

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C.J. is a west coast native who has lived on both coasts and now lives near the middle, in Colorado! Coming from a family of writers and editors, she feels writing is in her blood and hopes people will lose themselves for a little while in the fantasy and fun of her stories. She also loves sweet red wine, the SF 49ers, and unlike most authors, doesn’t have any cats. When she’s not writing, she can be found chasing around her kids or working at her day job, which she totally feels interferes with her real life, but also sometimes gives her inspiration for her books, since reality is sometimes way more interesting than fiction.

She also loves getting notifications that people have sent her an email, added her on Facebook, or on Goodreads. So stop by and say hi – don’t be shy! She’s not! 🙂

Her latest release, Tour of Duty (When Riley Met Cara, Book 2) is now available!

2014 upcoming works: Beneath Broken (Contemporary Romance) Soul Rebel (Paranormal Romance) The Lunar Effect (Four-book werewolf series) Until The Dawn (vampire novel)

Used by Lynetta Halat Cover Reveal


Title: Used (Unlovable, #1)

Author: Lynetta Halat

Release date: 1/26/14

Genre: New Adult / Contemporary Romance

Series: Book 1 of 3 (No cliffhanger, but their story does continue.)

Cover Designer: Sommer Stein at Perfect Pear Creative Design

Photographer: Toski Covey Photography

Goodreads Book Link:


I am a slut. No worries. I’ve come to terms with it, and you will too. I’m not one of those girls who thinks she’s too plain, too fat, too skinny, too shy … no, I don’t have that kind of luck. I’m the girl who knows she’s just right for everyone. — Denver

A reputation as a manwhore–with–a–heart–of–gold tends to precede me. But, I don’t do girls with issues, that is until this girl. It’s this girl I want to fix. This girl I want to protect. And maybe … more. — Ransom

Being in love with the same girl your entire life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. She uses me in every way imaginable. How does she see me? I am her perpetual one-night stand. No strings, no attachments. Just mind-numbing sex … for her anyway. — Greer

Feeling like the life is being choked out of her in the small town of Anaconda, Montana, Denver Dempsey craves the escape that college offers …even if that means leaving her “best friend with benefits” and looking for a new way to forget. Thinking she’s found the perfect hookup in Ransom, Denver’s outlook on college is bright. That is, until Greer shows up looking for a second chance, and Ransom’s interest turns to hatred.

Love. Hate. Triangle.

Who’s using who?

Excerpt #1–USED

Meet Denver

“She’s, at best, a fuck buddy. However, I prefer the term ‘whore.’ Fuck buddy is far too nice a term for her,” a catty voice cracks from behind me.

I take a deep breath and look up at the ceiling, saying a little prayer that maybe the venomous voice isn’t referring to me. I thought I’d left all that behind in Anaconda. We’d been here for all of three days, so it’s highly probable they’re not talking about me, right?  Looking back down, I continue pouring Jack in my Solo cup, surpassing the line that is recommended for liquor.

“Yeah, so apparently, she’s got some serious issues and doesn’t ‘do’ relationships. So, she puts out for her guy friends whose girls are too good to give it up. That’s her idea of a relationship.”

“Really? That’s kinda gross,” I hear the other girl mutter.

Sonofabitch! I groan. Yep, they’re talking about me. I splash a little Coke in my cup and stick my finger in it to stir it around a little. I feel tears spring to my eyes and berate myself for still having feelings and giving a shit what people think about me. Years of dealing with this crap should have made me immune, but I’d really hoped college would be different. And how the hell do they even know about that shit? Strengthening my spine, I turn and give them a beguiling smile, which causes them both to blanch.Yeah, bitches, you’ve no idea who you’re dealing with.

“Ladies,” I say with a quirked eyebrow. Removing my finger from the drink, I place it in my mouth and suck off the excess. With a pop, I release it. “I see my reputation precedes me. Well, let me just reassure you that I’m verygood at what I do. When you won’t give it up for your guy, he’ll be looking me up, and I’ll be more than happy to take care of him. No questions. No strings. Just lots of meaningless … hot … sex.” I peer around them with a searching look. “Are they here? Your boyfriends?” I look back at them innocently. I almost snort at their mutual expressions of surprise and disdain. “Or,” I continue, “are the sticks up your asses enough so that you don’t need a man?”Both of their mouths drop on that line. Yep, gets ‘em every time. “Oh, no judgment here,” I vow. “I totally get not wanting to be tied down to any one Dick … or Tom …or Harry.”

All rights reserved. Copyright Lynetta Halat 2013.


Author Bio:

(author picture attached)

Since the dawn of time, Lynetta Halat has lived to read and has written innumerable stories and plays. A lover of good books, bad boys, and kickass tunes, she’d always dreamt of penning books that people could connect with and remember. She also has a secret penchant for wringing the emotions out of unsuspecting readers, and she collects reader’s tears in much the same way that wine connoisseurs collect their favorite vintage.

Her first novel, Every Rose, was the perfect catalyst to launch her into the world of publishing, effectively burrowing her way into the hearts and minds of readers throughout the world. Everything I’ve Never Had was her follow-up adult romance novel. Now, she has penned Used, a New Adult Romance that she hopes sinks its teeth into you and doesn’t let go.

Her love of the English language prompted her to pursue a Master’s degree in English from Old Dominion University in Virginia, where she also minored in snark and interpretive dance. She lives somewhere along the Mississippi Gulf Coast with her adorable husband, two amazing sons, and two loveable dogs. When she’s not writing riveting stories, she likes to focus on her macramé art and her scouring of eBay, where she buys locks of hair from her favorite rock stars, most especially Bret Michaels and Dave Grohl.

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Forever Ours by Cassia Leo Cover Reveal!!!




Forever Ours is the highly anticipated prequel to the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Shattered Hearts Series. This can be read as a stand alone or before Relentless.

Sometimes, it takes more than love to mend a shattered heart. After eight years of being tossed around from one home to another, never forming any meaningful friendships or bonds with her foster families, Claire’s caseworker gives her an ultimatum: Behave or your next home will be a halfway house. When fifteen-year-old Claire arrives at the home of Jackie Knight and meets Jackie’s fifteen-year-old son, tattooed guitarist Chris, she fears she’ll be seeing the inside of that halfway house soon. But Chris isn’t like any other guy Claire has ever encountered and he soon gains her trust through his music and unwavering patience. Claire has finally found her forever home and she and Chris soon find themselves falling in love. But Chris’s dreams of musical stardom and Claire’s need for a stable home soon put their love in jeopardy. Chris struggles deeply with his plans for the future, entirely reluctant to leave Claire behind; until Claire does something that may break their love — and the only home she’s comes to know — forever.


Author Bio:

Cassia Leo

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cassia Leo grew up in California and has lived in three different countries. She loves to travel and her dream is to one day score a record deal based on her awesome shower singing skills. She is the author of the Shattered Hearts series (Relentless, Pieces of You, Bring Me Home) and the Luke and Chase series.


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Ending A Torn Past by Melissa L. Delgado

Ending A Torn Past
Melissa L. Delgado
Cover Reveal
Release Date: TBD

A present life worth moving on for. A past best
left to memories tucked away.
Jaxon Dean has reached a point in his life
where everything is as it should be. He has the personality, the looks, and the
charm, to basically get whoever he desires—except Cassandra Tyce. She’s immune
to his playboy ways, quick wit, and over indulgence of himself. There is only
one time he can recall having to work as hard to snag the one he had his sights
set on…
At a much simpler time in life, all he had to
worry about was passing classes, hitching a ride to places, and collecting
phone numbers. Although on his first day of high school, Jaxon found not every
girl was susceptible to his charms. Could one person truly change his
overzealous ways? 
An unexpected turn of events can leave even the
toughest ones lost without hope… Hope of ever recovering, of ever wanting to
see tomorrow, of ever feeling true happiness again.

With the help of Cassandra Tyce, Jaxon will
learn that sometimes, lying to oneself can be the sole reason a person stays

Cover Model: Dan Tillery

Photographer: Lindee Robinson

Author Bio:

I love anything and everything pertaining to
make up or beauty. I love to write and shop. I love going to the movies and
spending time with my friends and family.I love to dance. I love to laugh and
to make others laugh. I’m inspired by dance, music, poetry, and photography. I
feel there is beauty in everything. I believe to get respect you have to give
respect and to treat others how you want to be treated. I love everything and
anything vintage. I love Jesus and believe in having faith in the unseen and
unheard. I love to have fun and make new memories. But mostly, I love life.
Enjoying the road I’m on and making the most of it.

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VIP M. Robinson

by M. Robinson

Reviewed by:

Stars: 5 plus stars!!


The beginning- A point in time or space where something starts.

32 year old Sebastian Vanwell, was a very successful yacht broker, who always loved the design and architecture of a luxurious yacht. His only addiction was being on the water. He loved it, he thrived on it, and he needed it in his life. After a very stable, loving child hood with a few bumps, Sebastian married the love of his life. The one person that he knew would always be there. Julia was his rock, and he loved her more than life itself. Sebastian kept his addiction to the water under control, wanting to keep his time with his wife and son his number one obsession, that was until he saw her. This new addiction haunted him, the one compulsion that he couldn’t control no matter how hard he tried.

Ysabelle Telle hit him hard, knocking the wind from his lungs. Coming from worlds apart, beautiful, dark complexion Ysabelle Telle didn’t have the rich, protected background that Sebastian Vanwell had. Ysabelle lived a life of hell, in poverty, growing up with a drug addict mother that never cared, and horrific living conditions. Ysabelle lived for one person and one person only; herself. She was pure perfection, her beauty along with a flawless body had men lined up, driveling over her insuring her success as a VIP.

There are too many words that describe the effects when two diverse worlds like theirs collide. They both have too much to lose to get caught in the forceful pull, which could destroy them both.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and drug use. Intended for mature audiences.

Oh my god… What just happened!!! I mean… What just happened….
I’ll tell you what happened….
I just got blown away by this book!!! This book had me at the very first paragraph! Once I started…. I just couldn’t stop!!!
When this up & coming author sent Melanie & I a message asking if I could share a teaser for her new book… I first looked the book up on goodreads & read the synopsis and said to myself.. Damn… That book sounds good. Then I read the picture teaser she wanted us to share…& I was sold!! I told M. Robinson that I would share the picture and that I thought her book sounds really good.. & Wished her luck. When she wrote back to me…. asking if I want to be part of the VIP book tour… I said YES!!!!
Omg!!!! I’m soooo glad she found our FB blog!!! Because this book seriously does not disappoint!!!! & I’m truly in awe…how much I LOVE this book!!! It’s so raw and in your face. And the sex scenes were just out of this world!!!! I mean… WOW!!!!… WOW!!!!
I don’t even know where to start! This book has it all!
-A royally F’ed up love story
(& I mean that in a good way!)
-just enough of the tug & pull of your heart strings.
Yup, it has it all.
This book starts off with with Ysabelle, How she grew up. Why she made the choice she made in her life & how she ended up as an Escort.
I loved her. She was dealt a shitty hand in life. She knew that the world wasn’t all sunshine & roses at a very young age. She learned how to survive. The things that she did to survive were done only for one thing & one thing only. To get herself out of her home town & on to bigger & better things.

“Taking care of me came naturally. It was a fight or flight mentality, only the strongest survive, kill or be killed, that type of shit…my mom was a fucked up person, I had to survive. Period.”

That lead her to a bar in Miami where she meets Devon Hill. He turns out to be a true friend and helps her out.
Ysabelle starts to for the first time get her life together. But still something is just missing for her. Just when she starts to feel restless in comes Madam. And her life takes another turn. She becomes a VIP.

Ohhhh Sebastian…
Sebastian ….sebastian.
I loved him & hated him.
He had it all… Good looks.. Down to earth… athlete…& he had lots of women falling at his feet!
Growing up he had two in particular. Julia & Olivia…. sisters.
Julia grew up with Sebastian. While Olivia came into Julia’s family when she was 10….they adopted her.
When Sebastian first saw Olivia… She took his breath away.

“I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Julia was tiny and Olivia was even tinier. She had long dark hair. tan skin, big green eyes, and big lips that I felt the urge to want to kiss.
(Wait… What? Kiss…no…that can’t be right? What’s wrong with me?”

For me this is where we start to see Sebastian start in on his whole indecisiveness.
I hate wishy washy characters & I had never read a book with the lead guy taking on that kind of wishy washness role before. I wanted to jump in the book & slap him!!! You’ll understand more when you read the book.
But Sebastian loved them both. But I feel in two different ways.
He always had this soft spot for Julia.

“The best and most memorable times were when she would smile; I love Julia smile. She’s beautiful, her blue eyes, Long wavy blonde hair, thick eyelashes, and high cheekbones with delicate facial features. There’s a tiny beauty mark on the right side of her nose, and her bottom lip is thicker than her top.”

His need and loyalty to Julia just didn’t sit well with me.
Julia could see that something was going on with Sebastian & Olivia… yet she never said anything to make it ok for Sebastian or Olivia to be together. And for some reason Sebastian never wanted to rock the boat with Julia or hurt her feelings.
For that.. I never warmed up to her & I resented her for everything that happened with Olivia.
Sebastian, I felt should have stood up to Julia and fought for Olivia. Shoot… Fight for what he wanted. Instead he took the cowards way out & just strung poor Olivia along while hiding it from Julia. Because he didn’t want to hurt her feelings. Well he did hurt someone’s feelings…Olivia’s & for that Sebastian will forever have regrets! Because he will never be able to make it right with her.
When Sebastian & Julia get together. I felt he was settling.

“I love you babygirl,” I whispered, as I moved closer to her lips. Her hands twirled in my hair and she moaned. Her lips felt silky and her skin smooth. Her tongue slipped into my mouth as I gently rolled her over, trying my best to show her that I loved her with my eyes, my touch, and my kisses. We explored each other’s bodies for the first time. We touched, sucked and licked every corner and crevice. Nothing went uncharted”

Yes…I felt he loved her with his whole heart.. I just didn’t feel it was that undying kind of love.
Plus too.. I still wasn’t feeling her. She got what she wanted…
But, I don’t think Sebastian did. I think he was going through the motions. Doing what he thought he should do.
Sebastian was living his “happy” life thinking everything is perfect when his whole world is turn upside down when he literally runs into Ysabelle.

Ysabelle…was like looking into his past.(you’ll know what I mean when you read the book!!) He couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

“Trust me baby, if we’d met before you’d remember. There wouldn’t be any doubt”

And this is where the roller coaster ride begins!
Sebastian tried to stay away. Tried to erase her from his mind.
But… He was a man consumed by Ysabelle.

“I thought about her, and I dreamt about her. I couldn’t get her out of my mind it devoured me. It was like a tsunami had come crashing down on me”

He was fighting to do the right thing. But in the end…
He was a man possessed!

“The god’s to honest truth is I didn’t feel guilty over being with Ysabelle, there was no remorse, and it made me feel more like an asshole. I felt saddened and upset to hurt Julia, that’s what I felt. It was the familiar feeling of how I felt when I was with Olivia. I wanted to regret being with Ysabelle it just wasn’t fucking there. And that’s why I couldn’t go home. The truth was eating me alive.”

And so begins there F’ed up relationship an escort and a married man.
The sex between them were out of this world!!! It was right on!!! I loved it!!! I could totally see it being played out in my mind!! HELLO!!!…lol
This book should come with a disclaimer:
(Reading this book at night will be dangerous to your spouse!!! It will unleash the inner animal in you!!) lol

Yes… I guess you can tell I loved the sex scenes!…lol
But this whole time with Sebastian he wanted the best of both worlds. He was a very selfish guy.

“The more time I spent with Ysabelle the more emotionally invested I became with her, she was all I thought about. When I was with her I didn’t want to leave, and when I wasn’t I wanted to be. It became an even more fucked situation if that was even possible. I lived for the moments that we were together and that was enough to get me through the day”

But all good things must come to an end right??!!

Things started to get real…
Feelings, emotions were starting to creep into the “relationship”. But Sebastian still could not make a decision about what he wanted! He still wanted both worlds… He just couldn’t break Julia’s heart. Leaving Ysabelle feeling second best.

“Stop. I demanded, just fucking stop. I can’t walk away from you, Any more then you can walk away from me. Were in this fucked up limbo, goddamn it were in it together, and I will not lose you. DO you hear me, I will not fucking let you go.”

Sebastian was burning the candle at both ends. When the shit hit the fan…everything went crumbling down. People got hurt. Relationships got ruined. It was just a big old mess. Which I felt could have been avoided… Well not avoided but…not as bad as it did if Sebastian only spoke up & made a decision.

If I had to say one negative thing about this book (& this is just my reading preference)
I wish in the beginning of the book that it didn’t go from past to present.
I wish that I could just read Sebastian story whole instead of jumping to Ysabelle future then back to Sebastian past.
But to each it’s own….
Even with that… I still loved this book & hope M. Robinson continues with these characters in a sequel book! (Fingers crossed…)
The ending leave you satisfied. But I’m greedy & I want more!!…lol

This book is truly an fantastic find!
Would I read more books by this author…hell yes!!!

Click the picture to buy the book…

I think this song fits perfectly for this book!!

About this author

M. Robinson loves to read. She favors anything that has angst, romance, triangles, cheating, love, and of course sex! She has been reading since the Babysitters Club and R.L. Stein.

She was born in New Jersey but was raised in Tampa Fl. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D in psychology, with two years left.

She is married to an amazing man who she loves to pieces. They have two German Shepherd mixes and a Tabby cat.

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VIP By M. Robinson

Title: VIP
Author: M. Robinson
Genre: Erotica
Publication Date: December 4, 2013

The beginning- A point in time or space where something starts.
32 year old Sebastian Vanwell, was a very successful yacht broker, who always loved the design and architecture of a luxurious yacht. His only addiction was being on the water. He loved it, he thrived on it, and he needed it in his life. After a very stable, loving child hood with a few bumps, Sebastian married the love of his life. The one person that he knew would always be there. Julia was his rock, and he loved her more than life itself. Sebastian kept his addiction to the water under control, wanting to keep his time with his wife and son his number one obsession, that was until he saw her. This new addiction haunted him, the one compulsion that he couldn’t control no matter how hard he tried.
Ysabelle Telle hit him hard, knocking the wind from his lungs. Coming from worlds apart, beautiful, dark complexion Ysabelle Telle didn’t have the rich, protected background that Sebastian Vanwell had. Ysabelle lived a life of hell, in poverty, growing up with a drug addict mother that never cared, and horrific living conditions. Ysabelle lived for one person and one person only; herself. She was pure perfection, her beauty along with a flawless body had men lined up, driveling over her insuring her success as a VIP.
There are too many words that describe the effects when two diverse worlds like theirs collide. They both have too much to lose to get caught in the forceful pull, which could destroy them both.
Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and drug use. Intended for mature audiences.


M. Robinson loves to read. She favors anything that has angst, romance, triangles, cheating, love, and of course sex! She has been reading since the Babysitters Club and R.L. Stein.
She was born in New Jersey but was raised in Tampa Fl. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D in psychology, with two years left.
She is married to an amazing man who she loves to pieces. They have two German Shepherd mixes and a Tabby cat.
Her debut novel VIP will be released in December 2013. Add it to your TBR list!!


Worth The Fight by L.D. Davis Blog Tour


Book Blurb:

Luke Kessler loved Emmy. She broke his heart.

Then she revealed a life altering secret that brought them back together. Time and forgiveness heal old wounds and love flourishes. Luke and Emmy find themselves reaching for a happily ever after together. When their pasts begin to push into their present and hurtful mistakes are made, the couple struggle with each other and their past demons. How much is too much? Will the couple be able to fight their way to a happily ever after? Are their lives together worth the fight?

Melanie’s 5 Stars Review:

It was a wonderful circumstance when I ran into LD Davis’ Accidentally On Purpose about a year or so ago while purchasing another book. Thank goodness for Amazon’s genius marketing strategy when they recommend similar books to their buyers that I was lead to the story of Emmy, Kyle, and Luke which became burrowed deeply into my psyche. Little did I know that the  moment Emmy uttered the words, “Kyle was my boss, and a dick” in Accidentally On Purpose that this entire series would drive me to become an AOP fanatic.

If LD Davis was standing in front of me, I would do either one of two things- bow down and kiss her shoe clad feet for writing such a beautiful tortuous story of love’s complexities or grab hold of her shoulders and shake her silly as retribution to the many moments I’ve taken time out in my real life to internally curse her for how Worthy of Redemption ended. I’m going to admit it..  I, Melanie of We Like It Big Book Blog was a BIG, HUGE fan of Kyle Sterling. There was something so attractive about his character, that he truly became an unhealthy book boyfriend obsession for me. These inexplicable feelings for his character shows the immense writing talent of the author. As a reader, I had somehow become Emmy as each page of the book turned. So, as I had mentioned, I was left bereft and aching at the end of Worthy of Redemption because as any crazy fangirl, I felt that it should have ended the way I wanted it to end.. Selfish? Yep, maybe a little bit. :)

When LD announced that she would be coming out with a novella for Luke, I reacted with a one shoulder shrug but couldn’t even lie to myself how interested I was to hear from the “good guy’s” point of view. You see, Luke’s character in both Accidentally On Purpose and Worthy of Redemption didn’t really do too much for me because I felt his character was so flat. He was the good guy, the guy all women would die crawling through the desert for just for the chance to end up in his bed and stay there forever. I was surprised with myself for feeling this way about the sweet, straight arrow hero because I was never the believer of the “nice guys finish last” mentality. I always fell for the nice guy. Another reason why AOP is so mystifying to me. How in the hell did LD take me out of my comfort zone? How did she so easily took me out of my element?  The only answer I can come up with is this- she’s got magical, unearthly powers.

Worth The Fight is an impassioned novel and its pages bleed of anger and betrayal. When I refer to the author as having some sort of enchanting powers, what I really mean is that she is one of the few out there right now who has pure, raw talent for writing. I am perturbed as to how she was able to make Worth The Fight a whole new book when 90% of this novel is a re-telling of events that have already occurred but told in Luke’s point of view. There are too many sequels out in the market which are re-told from other characters POVs that completely disappoint. The kind where a reader like myself, pick up bubbling with excitement in hopes to reincarnate their favorite characters and stories, only for them to fall incredibly short. This was my worst fear with Worth The Fight- I may have even made the sign of the cross before starting. Well, I am giving my 100% guarantee that this does not fall short whatsoever. From the very beginning of this book, it transforms into something new. I was reading a completely never before told story and it figgin’ blew me away!!! I kept having to look away from reading to run my fingers through my hair and ask myself, “what have you done with the Luke Kessler that bored me to death?!” The Luke Kessler in Worth The Fight is flawed and holy baby Jesus, I yearned for him. I loved sex on a stick, Luke, I lusted for his dirty and naughty ways, and I was fascinated with his ability to truly love. It amazed me how this author had completely reinvented an already versed character yet able to keep him true to the man she had introduced us to in the beginning of this series.

Worth The Fight is rich with heartache for both Luke and Emmy and there were no shortages of stomach churning moments for me. I greatly empathized with the both of them- two people who craved to love and be loved. LD Davis also came heavily armed with the most libido inducing sex scenes I have ever come to encounter. None of which are forced or overtly perverse but wickedly delicious, it’s enough to make you moan along.

As this is the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I give thanks to LD Davis for having the brilliance to know that this third and final book to the AOP series was needed. I am proud to say that I have experienced a book that consisted of an already told story but ingeniously re-told in a completely different light. I have the closure I so greatly thirsted for in Worthy of Redemption and pleased to have found it through Luke Kessler’s hypnotizing and striking blue eyes.

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Worth The Fight Playlist

Worth The Fight Excerpt:

I worked hard for the next several hours, trying not to think of Emmy laying there in bed, expecting me. I had to remind myself that she was also expecting to get up and go sleep on the couch.

“Not happening,” I muttered to myself as I started shoving files back into my briefcase. “She’s going to sleep in that bed with me if I have to tie her down.”

About The Author:

L.D. Davis is the New York Times Bestselling author of the novel Accidentally On Purpose and the novella Pieces of Rhys. L.D. began writing at a very young age with consistent support from teachers and friends. When she was only thirteen years old, she wrote her first romantic novella. A few years later at the age of nineteen, she completed another. Always writing, but never attempting to publish, L.D. left many projects unfinished over the years, but when she was thirty-four years old, she self-published her first full-length novel, Accidentally On Purpose. L.D. is currently working on two more books to go along with Accidentally On Purpose, two more projects to go along with Pieces Of Rhys, and several other novels.

L.D. has a serious addiction to reading, especially contemporary romance novels. She also loves the work of Dean Koontz, Janet Evanovich and classics like Lord Of The Rings and Jane Austen’s novels. She lives in a small East Coast town with her five children and husband.

Author Links:

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Enslaved By The Ocean by Bella Jewel



Indigo is running, she has no other choice. She’s done something bad, and there only way to escape it, is to flee her home, and her country. She sets out on a luxury Yacht, to take her to another country with her best friend Eric. But she runs into a problem.

The Yacht catches fire.

She ends up stranded in the ocean, terrified, and scared of the uncertain. Until they show up. The pirates. Terrified, Indigo and Eric have to face the reality that this might be the end for them. These are pirates, they are the criminals of the ocean. What chance have they got of surviving this nightmare?

Then she lays eyes on Hendrix. He’s the Captain, he’s gorgeous, rugged, and mean. He’s planning on keeping her to repay his debt to another man, by selling her. Now Indigo has a crazy ex after her, as well as a pirate she can’t seem to get out of her head.

Come on this heart wrenching, dark, angsty and dangerous adventure as two people so opposite, find something so beautiful.

Melanie’s 4-Star Review:

Bella Jewel first got my undivided attention from the moment I got to know Addy and Cade in her first MC Sinners series, Hell’s Knights. She had the ability to draw out the most carnal and raw desires out of me. I was utterly insatiable throughout all 3 books and I knew that I would become a loyal follower of her work.

So when I got hold of a teaser for Enslaved By The Ocean, it took me a couple of seconds to adjust to the words on my phone screen– *blinking eyes* “Pirates you say?!” When I think of pirates it’s either Disney’s Jake & the never land pirates version or the overly cheesy “Fabio- front ruffled white blouse” version. Then an “aha, ooooh yeeeaaah” moment took its place.. This is Bella Jewel we’re talking about here!!! She can make anything sexy and of course she would think of a series so different from the incessant subjects currently being written all over the book world. I was enamored with the idea of a dominant, rugged, & muscled pirate and couldn’t wait to get my hands on him. Well, Hendrix aka pirate is all of that and more!

Indigo Waters is this book’s heroine. She is in one word a survivor. Her character took me on a bit of twist and turn throughout the entire book. Far from being sheltered from the evils of life yet naive, strong and at the same time susceptible to indecision. It was an adventure getting to know her. At times I felt like she was the biggest fool around and I felt so much frustration after certain dialogues and many times over, I found her extremely lovable. I admired Indi’s fight to live and her unyielding belief in love. Even though love’s not been fair to her she somehow escapes being a skeptic.

Hendrix “the Pirate” is severe. I don’t think I have ever used that to describe any character in a book but for Hendrix, it is the only way he could be described.  He is the captain of his ship and of his life. There are several events through out this entire book where my mouth remained agape. His blatant disregard to the “politically correct” ideas got my blood pumping. I praise Bella Jewel for having the guts create a hero like him- there have been many (MCs, assassins, etc) who have been written about but never have I ran into a book where a hero as blatantly crude as Hendrix is. He provides no apologies for what he does. He does it for a purpose and does not hide behind reasons or explanations. I wish that we had more insight to his character. I think this would have really been the icing on the cake for me. It’s hard to connect with a character without much of their history to understand how they have become the person that I am now reading about.

The secondary characters in this book have a ridiculous amount of potential that I am very excited for their stories to come out. Bella delivered Jess’ and Drake’s characters so well. I felt I knew them more than I did Hendrix even though their parts/dialogues were far fewer.

Enslaved By The Ocean is both a captivating love story & self awakening. There is an in-explainable pull between Hendrix and Indi from the very beginning of this book. They learn to face their individual demons and fears through each other. There are many sensual moments in true Bella Jewel form where you may find yourself panting. As a reader I truly found myself aboard this mystical ship traveling through the vast waters with these intriguing bunch of characters. I look forward to the next books in this series and at the same time hope to get to know the Hendrix I so longed to fall in love with in this book.

Bella Jewel as always does not disappoint and after this first installment, I can say, “it’s a pirates life for me!”

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We Like It Big Tunes:

Sail- AWOL Nation

Palm of Your Hand- Ingrid Michaelson


About the Author:

Bella Jewel is an Aussie girl through and through. She spent her life in Western Australia, growing up in many different areas of the state. She now currently lives in Perth with her husband, children and mass amounts of pets. She’s crazy, fun, outgoing and friendly. Writing is her passion, she started at the young age of 18 but finally got the courage  up to publish, and her first novel Hell’s Knights was released in August 2013.

Until Trevor By Aurora Rose Reynolds


Until Trevor (Until #2)
by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Reviewed by:

Stars: 3.5


Trevor Mayson had his life planned out – make the family business successful and play the
field for a few more years before eventually settling down. Then he sees her.
Liz Hayes was beautiful, shy and everything that he could ever want…but she
didn’t fit into his plans. After Trevor painfully rejects her, Liz finally
starts to move on, but Trevor is finding it difficult to truly let her go. It
seems the more he tries to stay away, the more intense his feelings for her
become. Like a stretched rubber band, he can only take so much before snapping.

Liz Hayes is done waiting for Trevor and isn’t interested in getting her
heart broken by him again, but Trevor is making it difficult for her to forget
him when he shoves his way back into her life.

Can Trevor prove to her
that he is worth falling in love with again, and is he ready to change his life
plan to let her into his heart?


Ok… I’m just going to dive right in. I liked this book…
But… I didn’t love it.
I have a couple of issues with it.
Let me start off with what I liked about it.
I liked the Mayson brothers. I like how they are a tight family. They go all out
for each other. I like how when they know the right girl is the one…
They know! (Boom)

I love a good alpha male character.

I do…
But, when they overpower you & tell you what to do or how to do it…
That just gets on my nerves! I can’t stand that.
I need these girls that these guys are chasing to have back bones!
When they say no. I want them to make the guy work for it! & I want the girl to stand
their ground. Not just go with the flow of things!!
That’s so irritating!!
I also didn’t like how the author describes every little thing.
What’s she wearing & how’s she wearing it & what she’s wearing
it with. That’s a little much.
But…even with all that… I’m invested. I’m
in…I’m hooked!

Trevor & Liz started off as friends. One night of
drinking and a big misunderstanding…on Trevor’s part. Shattered any kind of
relationship he had with Liz.
What Trevor did to Liz broke her. He hurt her so bad. To make matters worse…

Liz had to deal with family issues.
She needed money & she needed it fast. So she had to take a job doing something
she never thought she would have to do!
Once Trevor found out what Liz was doing… He knew he had to make things right.

I found this book to be a pretty fast read. It’s pretty fast pace… Timeline wise. I like how the author
gives you years into the relationship at the end of the book.
I’m really looking forward to Cash & Lilly story.

Would I read more books by this author….yes.

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Aurora Rose Reynolds

Aurora Rose Reynolds is a navy brat who who’s husband served in the United States Navy. She has lived all over the country but now resides in New York City with her Husband and pet fish. She’s married to an alpha male that loves her as much as the men in her book’s love their women. He gives her over the top inspiration everyday. In her free time she reads, writes and enjoys going to the movies with her husband and cookie. She also enjoys taking mini weekend vacations to nowhere, or spends time at home with friends and family. Last but not least she appreciates everyday and admires it’s beauty.