Afraid To Fly by S.L. Jennings Book Review

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I’d like to tell you that I’m ok.

That the meaningless sex with countless women has somehow numbed the pain. That it’s deciphered the constant confusion in my head. Eased the self-hatred that sinks into my gut every time I look in the mirror.

I’d like to tell you that time heals all wounds.
That we evolve and grow into well-adjusted, stable adults, set on a path to right the world’s wrongs. That we are not our past…we are not our pain.

I want to tell you all those things. Hell, I want to believe all those things. But I’d be lying. I’m good at that. Living a lie is the only way I truly know how to survive.
But the day I saw her, I stopped surviving. I stopped existing. And for the first time in 24 years, I started living.

She brought me back to life. Set me free and sent my soul soaring. Made this useless shell of a man feel like…something. Something whole and real and good.

She saved me.
Although she believes I wasn’t even worth saving.

From the author of New York Times Bestseller, Fear Of Falling, comes a spin-off standalone about friendship, healing and learning to love through forgiveness.

Melanie’s 2.5 Star Review:

S.L. Jennings pulled my heartstrings in Fear of Falling—Kami’s vulnerability and ultimate redemption captured me in the best way possible. So you could only imagine how excited I was for Dominic Trevino’s story. The ultimate playboy with such a dark and heartbreaking past. I couldn’t wait to see where the author would take his character. Well, in Afraid to Fly, I thought that S.L. Jennings did a sensational job with delving back into his horrid past. I felt Dom’s pain and my goodness the level of emotional breakdown that I felt creeping up on me during the moments where the author took us back to the horror was immediate. My heart broke a thousand fold for Dom and I found myself truly shaken. I can’t imagine how difficult these scenes must have been to write but the author did it, she pulled it  off without a hitch and I commend her for being able to do that. This was what made the book for me. This was what S.L. Jennings is to me. An emotional story teller who is able to pull you right in.

However, I wish that I felt more towards Raven and the chemistry between her and Dom. I didn’t feel like I had a full grasp on who Raven truly was—yes, she was an amazing big sister working her butt off to support her younger brother and she harbored this deep secret that changed who she was.. but aside from that, there was no deep connection I felt towards her character. I was at the edge of my seat, anxious to finally find out what that secret was. Page after page after page, I kept waiting for that proverbial ball to drop right on top of me but then when it was finally revealed, I didn’t get that punch in the gut. I also felt like the swoon factor was greatly lacking in this book and even more surprising, was the lack of heat between them. I mean, he is DIRTY DOM for a reason and so I was surprised that there wasn’t any intensity between Raven and himself. There were small glimpses of what I wished for—some tender moments here and there but ultimately, I just felt disconnected from them.

I enjoyed seeing Kami and Blaine—ate up every scene they were in. To see how their relationship had grown and to see Kami become the person that she’d always wanted to be… well, that was a wonderful treat. I really, really wish that I would have loved Dominic Trevino’s story but unfortunately, I came out of this book more disappointed than I was fulfilled. As with all reviews, mine is obviously subjective—it’s how it made ME feel which may be the complete opposite of how you will. If you’re a fan of this author’s work, give this a shot as Dominic and Raven may move you more than they did me.

About the Author:

NYT & USA Today best selling author of TAINT, Fear of Falling & The Dark Light Series, reality TV junkie, caffeinated crack addict & collector of crazy.


The Summer Remains by Seth King


The Summer Remains
by Seth King

Stars: 5

Reviewed by:
Twenty-four-year-old Summer Johnson knows two things. The first is that due to a quickly worsening medical condition, she faces a risky surgery in three months’ time that may or may not end in her death. The second is that she would like to fall in love before then.

As spring sinks into her namesake season on the Florida coastline, Summer plays the odds and downloads a new dating app – and after one intriguing message from a beautiful surfer named Cooper Nichols, it becomes clear that the story of what may be her last few months under the sun is about to be completely revised. All she has to do now is write something worth reading.

Tender, honest, devastating and triumphant, The Summer Remains explores a very human battle being waged in a very digital age: the search for a love that will outlast this temporary borrowing of bones. In an era when many feel compelled to share and re-share anything about everything, prepare to feel a love so special, you will want to hug it close and make it yours forever.


This is the first book that I’ve read by his author. I was really happy I took a chance on it. It was an incredible story about life and love and how sometimes life has you dealing with the impossible.
And how you deal with it. It was incredibly sad too.

It’s been awhile since I read an ugly cry book. And boy did I cry! I’ve only read one other book that made me cry like this book. I even think this book is even more intense than that other book.
I just had a really hard time getting through the last 20-30% of this book.
I could not stop crying!
The emotions poring out of this book was so well done. This author just nailed it!
And the little information that this author gives you about his brother…
Oh man…. Was heartbreaking.

I was a wreck reading his book.

All I can say is that I loved this book! LOVED IT!
I can’t even express it enough how much this book moved me.
Summer and Cooper’s story was so unique and original.
Meeting on a dating app. Is sort of a hit or miss thing. You never know what your going to get. And luckily for Summer and Cooper. They met and had a deep connection.

I felt it was fate that brought them together.
They both were looking for something. And they both needed something.
And thats why I felt they were just brought together.
As they were getting to know each other. Summer and Cooper did a great deal of texting. Asking all these odd questions. And having these off the wall discussions.
I loved it!
The texting between Cooper and Summer had me laughing. They got each other’s humor. That’s hard to find!

I loved how Cooper over looked a lot of things with Summer. Summers scar was a big thing with her. She had a real complex about it. I was pretty shocked the way she got her scar… I felt so bad for her.
Then add her throat illness.
She was just dealt with a bad hand in life.

It’s weird… I feel like people that have to deal with medical issues have a big heart… And let a lot roll off their backs and don’t sweat the small stuff. They take everything that’s thrown their way without complaining.
Stories like this… always gets me. Because I can kind of relate to it. I go through it with my daughter.

My daughter was 2 when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent) she’s 17 now… She had it for 15years. Since day 1. She never fought me about being poked every 2 hours on her fingers or toes. She never fought me about giving her shots every time she had to eat. It just felt like she just knew. And accepted it.
Just like Summer… My daughter would go through the “I don’t care what people think” phase. The “Why me” phase. And the “I wish” phase. (it breaks my heart to see her go through all that.)
She’s the strongest person I know to go through that. And even though she has her breakdown moments. Hating having diabetes… She cries it out… Picks herself up and moves on.
She would love to go to Summer’s Anti-support group…lol

Summer was like that. She was just a strong person. All she wanted was to make everyone happy. And live her life like a normal 25year old.
Being young and not having any real experience with relationships. I thought she could have made a better decision in the beginning with Cooper. I mean I get why she did it.

But,I felt she should have given Cooper The opportunity to decide what he wanted to do.
That’s why I was so upset with Summer. For keeping something so big of a secret for so long.
I felt Cooper had a right to know within the first month of talking. I thought it was very wrong of Summer not to tell Cooper about her illness. And very selfish too.
You can’t just do that to a person. It’s wrong. You have to give that person an option.
Because…. Your not only effecting your life but someone else’s too.

Cooper had his own issues in the beginning. Dealing with his moms MS. He was her sole care taker. And that’s a lot to deal with at such a young age. I felt summer came into his life to show him that life wasn’t that bad. That he was worth something.
Summer I think made him see that. She changed him. For the better.

As I kept reading on…. I felt the anticipation and anxiety of the upcoming surgery and I really started to feel really bad for Summer and Cooper.
I think Summer started to feel like everything was creeping up way to fast. Things that normally don’t bug her… We’re starting to seep through.

All the engagements happening all around her and all the wedding announcements on Facebook. They were starting to be to much for her. I started to really feel bad.
I wanted her to have that! To experience that.

And Cooper…. I felt he was really doing a good job keeping it in and keeping it together. But towards the end. He was loosing his battle to keeping a straight face.
He was breaking…. And it just broke my heart.

The ending just simply and plainly crushed me. I just felt like i was there feeling everything that was going on. It was very hard to read. I kept having to put my kindle down to collect myself.
This book will definitely stay with me for a very long time. And I would definitely recommend this book to other people.

*ARC provided by author for an honest review*


About this author

Seth King is a twenty-five-year-old American author.

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In The Distance (In The Kitchen #3) by Eileen Griffin & Nikka Michaels


In the Distance (In the Kitchen #3)
by Nikka Michaels, Eileen Griffin

Stars: 4.5

Reviewed by:

Tyler Mitchell has worked hard to rebuild his life after his family kicked him out. A culinary student and sous chef who spends his spare time volunteering with kids, he’s happy enough even though he has no time to consider a relationship.

Trevor Pratt is finally getting over losing his best friend and the one person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, but it’s taken screwing every cute guy in Manhattan to get there. He’s vowed to repair the friendship he endangered, but that’s hard to do when his friend’s new employee catches his eye. Despite being warned to stay away from Tyler, Trevor knows the sous chef is more than just a hookup.

Romance is a terrible idea. Trevor is ten years older and a relentless playboy. Tyler is still unsure of his place in the world. Neither of them is ready for life-changing love, but as things heat up, their chemistry in the bedroom might just take that decision out of their hands.


I’m so glad to have read this book. Tyler and Trevor’s story was so well written. I felt everything that they went through… Felt pretty natural.
All the up’s and down’s of the beginning of a relationship.
I also loved reading more about Jamie and Ethan and Claire! Just knowing how happy Jamie and Ethan were! Made me love this story even more!

This book was definitely a slow burn.
Good…but I think certain parts were left simmering when they should have been at a boil.
Which is not a bad thing. I just wished things would have heated up in the bed room a little faster than they did. Since months would past before they saw each other again.

Tyler’s life growing up was an ok one. But once his mom and dad found out he was gay… They throw him out.
From that day on…. Tyler had to find his place in the world. And he did find it. With the help of Ethan. Ethan really helped Tyler get his life in order. That’s all Tyler needed… was a chance to make something of himself. I think he proved that in this book.

Trevor never had to worry about anything growing up. He grew up wealth. He lived life to the fullest. Never getting close to anyone but his best friend Jamie. He put his all in one person and it just didn’t work out for him. Leaving him kind of standoffish with other people. Never giving anyone a chance to break his heart.

When Trevor met Tyler at first. He never thought about him in that way. He just thought about him as some kid that needed help. Having already knowing his story from Jamie.

Something changed when Trevor asked Tyler out to celebrate a new client… Trevor wasn’t counting on having such a good time with Tyler. He was different. And that caught him off guard.

I felt so bad for Tyler. He always felt socially awkward around Trevor. He knew he wasn’t in the same league as he was. But he was trying to open up.
Trevor kept talking to Tyler about Jamie. Which I think was a little to much. I know that he was the one thing they had in common. But it was getting pretty old.

I love Ethan and Jamie… but they were just too much in this book.
I hated how they treated Tyler.
They treated him like a little kid. Not some one that is 20 going to be 21.
I think they should have pulled back a little more. Let Tyler be. And experience life. Sometimes you have to let people go in order for them to learn their lesson.

I loved how in the end… He stood up for himself. He was so scared to do it… but, I think he did a good job doing it.

The chemistry between Tyler and Trevor was pretty hot!
I loved all the text messages between them. And the sex/ fooling around was pretty explosives!
I think they both came into each others life at the right time.


I liked this book.
I really liked how Tyler and Trevor took their time getting together. I liked how Trevor put himself out there and really tried.
The internal dialogue was a bit much. I prefer a conversation with a person than a whole whole conversation in someone’s head. But, It wasn’t a deal breaker for me in this book.
And… I really enjoyed catching up on with all past characters.

I would love to read more books by these authors…

*ARC provided via Netgalley *


About the Authors


Nikka Michaels has a degree in anthropology which fostered an interest in cultural differences and all those things that make us wonderfully unique as human beings. She loves to cook and loves to laugh, spending most of her time doing both. She focuses mainly on writing M/M romances and enjoys a good HEA.



Eileen Griffin lives in the Southwest but loves to travel and has spent many summers crossing Europe with nothing but a backpack on her back. She enjoys TexMex, lives for good wine, and has a certain penchant for purple unicorns. She loves reading all genres of books, but her current obsession is writing m/m with lots of boy kissing. The novella Chasing Matt, with co-author Nikka Michaels, was her first published work. Eileen has another novella soon to be published, “Dinner For Two”, as well as a short story, “Claiming Ayden” that will be published in a M/M shifter anthology. Eileen has two M/M full-length novels, also co-authored with Nikka Michaels due out in summer and fall of 2014.


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Bound by Lies by Rebecca Shea Book Review

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Release Date: June 15, 2015

Genre: NA Romantic Suspense

Companion Novel (must be read BEFORE Bound by Lies): Broken by Lies


Torn between two men; one was what I needed, the other was what I wanted.
One man was safe and the other was dangerous.
But both men would lay down their lives to save me.

ATF agent Sam Cortez is fighting to bring down the Estrada family empire, which was built on murder and corruption.
Alex Estrada did what was needed to keep me safe…and paid with his life.

Starting over as I try to rebuild my life, it’s clear that the past is never what it seems.

What no one knew was that we were all bound by lies.

Melanie’s 5-HEART THUMPING stars Review:

** Because there is no room for any spoilers, I will keep this review brief but with as much gusto as I could express for how much I enjoyed this book. **

You can’t possibly understand how anxious I was to finally get my greedy hands on Bound by Lies. I must admit that I’m a cliffy-loving gal. I love the excitement that bubbles out of me when an author whacks you with a one-two punch at the very end of a book. Cliffhangers to me, keep the flame burning well into the months ahead with so much to look forward to! Rebecca, did just that in the first book of the series and the amount of time my jaw spent on the floor since reading that very last page of Broken by Lies was well… So incredibly well worth it!!!

This series is a romantic thriller meant to titilate both your girly parts and your mind. While Broken by Lies tended to keep my girly bits happy, Bound by Lies had my heart hammering out of my chest for a whole other reason. The suspense was intense! Holy moly was it ever! The author kept me on my toes the entire time! Built around the premise that Emilia, the female protagonist was constantly surrounded by lies, the author stays consistent and true to it. I had no idea which way was up. One minute I think the story would go one way but then it’d completely veer off taking me for one heck of an exciting ride in the opposite direction. I kept wanting to turn the page desperate to find out how it was all going to turn out. The way that Rebecca weaved together such a tricky plot was fabulous all the while keeping her writing style on point. I continue to be in awe of how much her writing grows each time she releases something new and on top of that, something outside of the usual romance. I couldn’t have been more happy with her approach on the conclusion of this 2 part series.

For you Rebecca Shea fans who are still waiting to pick up your jaws off of the floor— I am so excited for you to read this book. It will leave your palms sweaty, your heart rate high, and your knees bouncing. And ultimately, you’ll feel such a sense of giddiness that I guarantee “happy dancing” will follow shortly after that last page. I hope that you’ll be as wholly satisfied as I was.

We Like It Big Tunes:

Chains- Nick Jonas

About the Author:


Rebecca Shea is the USA Today Bestselling author of Unbreakable. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her family and her beagle, Miles. From the time Rebecca could read she has had a passion for books. Rebecca spends her days working full-time and her nights writing, bringing stories to life. Born and raised in Minnesota, Rebecca moved to Arizona in 1999 to escape the bitter winters. When not working or writing, she can be found on the sidelines of her son’s football games, or watching her daughter at ballet class. Rebecca is fueled by insane amounts of coffee, margaritas, Laffy Taffy (except the banana ones), and happily ever after’s.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Conviction by Corinne Michaels Release Day Blitz!!!

conviction release blitz

conviction live

Liam and Natalie’s return in Conviction by Corinne Michaels!

Find out how their story continues….


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conviction cover (1)


 Book Two in the Consolation Duet

 I fell in love with Liam only to be left shattered into a million pieces. Again. The idea of being without him cripples me but the reality is, he’s gone.

 He doesn’t understand and I can’t make him.

 If only he’d see the conviction behind my words—then he’d still be here.

Abstract Grunge Color Wall

Melanie’s 5-STAR SPOILER FREE Review:


Time isn’t something I ever thought much about.

It ebbs and flows, but it never changes. I can’t make it stop—no matter how much I want to. There’s no way to rewind the clock or halt it. In this moment, all I want is to make the world stop and go back to when I was happy and ready to tackle the world. Just two short minutes ago, there was no worry about how my day would go. I was going away with the man I love, the one who healed me. But time isn’t my friend. It slaps me in the face and laughs as I stand here wondering how the hell any of this is happening. I don’t want to move forward, and I sure as hell don’t want to slow it down.

Open door with bright light outside



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Liam wasn’t supposed to be my happily ever after.

He wasn’t even on my radar.

He was my husband’s best friend—forbidden.

But my husband is dead and I’m alone. I ache for him and I reach for Liam.

One night with Liam changed everything. Now I have to decide if I truly love him or if he’s just the consolation prize.

About The Author:


Corinne Michaels is an emotional, witty, sarcastic, and fun loving mom of two beautiful children. She’s happily married to the man of her dreams and is a former Navy wife. After spending months away from her husband while he was deployed, reading and writing was her escape from the loneliness.

Both her maternal and paternal grandmothers were librarians, which only intensified her love of reading. After years of writing short stories, she couldn’t ignore the call to finish her debut novel, Beloved. Her alpha Navy SEALs are broken, beautiful, and will steal your heart.

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Afraid To Fly by S.L. Jennings Release Day Blitz

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Afraid To Fly

The Fearless Series: Book Two

S.L. Jennings


I’d like to tell you that I’m ok.

That the meaningless sex with countless women has somehow numbed the pain. That it’s deciphered the constant confusion in my head. Eased the self-hatred that sinks into my gut every time I look in the mirror.

I’d like to tell you that time heals all wounds.

That we evolve and grow into well-adjusted, stable adults, set on a path to right the world’s wrongs. That we are not our past…we are not our pain.

I want to tell you all those things. Hell, I want to believe all those things. But I’d be lying. I’m good at that. Living a lie is the only way I truly know how to survive.
But the day I saw her, I stopped surviving. I stopped existing. And for the first time in 24 years, I started living.

She brought me back to life. Set me free and sent my soul soaring. Made this useless shell of a man feel like…something. Something whole and real and good.

She saved me.
Although she believes I wasn’t even worth saving.


It was if my body had known what my soul needed to mend itself from the verbal assault that had left me open and bleeding. Sex was that healing balm for me. And this was exactly the place where I could find it.

None of the dancers here were prostitutes, and I never paid to get laid. Ever. They fucked me because they wanted me. And I fucked them because I needed them. It was an even trade.

Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t stick my dick in just anything, and other than Cherri, had only been intimate with two other girls there: Skylar, a hot sophomore at UNC Charlotte, stripping her way through college, and Velvet, a tattooed, purple-haired vixen from England who fucked like a porn star and cursed like a sailor.

Right now, I needed Velvet. If anyone could make me forget the last twenty minutes, Raven’s razor-sharp words and myself, it was her.

My legs carried me inside, despite the numbness I felt. I didn’t want to be here, but I needed to be. And once I had the soft silkiness and warmth of a woman’s skin against me, I’d feel a helluva lot better. Luckily, Velvet was there for a day shift, working the lunch crowd in her usual getup of velvet and chains. Today she wore a cut-out thonged romper that left little to the imagination. And that was fine by me. I was tired of thinking anyway.

“Hey love,” she smiled as I approached. Her lips were painted a deep, dark eggplant purple that almost looked black. I’d have the color smeared all over me within the hour, most of it in places invisible to the public.

I didn’t waste any time. I didn’t have it in me to go through the motions and pretend I was here for anything other than sex. I leaned in close to her ear, letting my lips brush her earlobe in that sensual way I knew would get her hot, and whispered, “Back room in 10.” Then I quickly made my way to the bar to slam a shot of tequila.

She was there when I arrived, lounging on a plush loveseat with her heeled boots propped up on the arm. She looked at me with sin gleaming in her heavily lined eyes and gave me a slow, Cheshire grin. “Someone’s awfully anxious today.”

I was already loosening my tie as I stalked towards her and said, “Clothes off, boots on and get on your knees.”



Fear Of Falling

The Fearless Series: Book One

S.L. Jennings

I can’t remember the last time I felt completely safe. Security seemed more like a luxury to me, reserved for those who were fortunate enough to have picture perfect childhoods. For those who didn’t bear the ugly scars that keep me bound in constant, debilitating fear. I’ve run from that fear my entire life. But when I met him, for once, I couldn’t run anymore.

He scared the hell out of me in a way that excited every fiber of my being. It wasn’t the tattoos or the piercings. It wasn’t the warmth that seemed to radiate from his frame and blanket me whenever he was near. It was just…him. The scary beautiful man that threatened to alter 23 years of routine and rituals, and make me face my crippling fear.

My name is Kami and I am constantly afraid. And the thing that scares me the most is the very thing I want.

“Don’t worry,” he smiled, pulling me into the hard warmth of his chest. “I’ve got you. I’ll always catch you when you fall.”

And just like that, Blaine had staked his claim on the untouched part of me that no living soul had ever moved. He had captured every fear, every reservation, and crushed them in the palm of his inked hand.


About the author


S.L. Jennings is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romance, reality TV junkie, obsessive coffee drinker and collector of crazy.

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The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan Book Review


Original Release Date: Sept. 7th, 2014

Series: Game On (but can be read as a standalone)

Buy Link:


The rules: no kissing on the mouth, no staying the night, no telling anyone, and above all… No falling in love

Anna Jones just wants to finish college and figure out her life. Falling for star quarterback Drew Baylor is certainly not on her to do list. Confident and charming, he lives in the limelight and is way too gorgeous for his own good. If only she could ignore his heated stares and stop thinking about doing hot and dirty things with him. Easy, right?

Too bad he’s committed to making her break every rule…

Football has been good to Drew. It’s given him recognition, two National Championships, and the Heisman. But what he really craves is sexy yet prickly Anna Jones. Her cutting humor and blatant disregard for his fame turns him on like nothing else. But there’s one problem: she’s shut him down. Completely.

That is until a chance encounter leads to the hottest sex of their lives, along with the possibility of something great. Unfortunately, Anna wants it to remain a hook up. Now it’s up to Drew to tempt her with more: more sex, more satisfaction, more time with him. Until she’s truly hooked. It’s a good thing Drew knows all about winning.

All’s fair in love and football…Game on

Melanie’s 5-DELIRIOUS Stars Review:

I have just been struck by cupid, otherwise known as Kristen Callihan, the brilliant author of The Hook Up. Oh my goodness did I effer-lover-luvin’ LOVE this book!!! Everything about it, the ups and downs, the twists and turns so amazingly well done. I have to give a million thanks to Amazon for recommending this gem to me otherwise, it may have been a missed opportunity which I may have never been able to forgive myself for. I am head over heels in love with Drew “Battle” Baylor and just equally enthralled with his leading lady, Anna Jones. These two made me weak in my knees. I didn’t want their story to ever end, enjoying the plethora of happiness that surrounded me. Don’t get me wrong, their love story isn’t easy but what I loved so much about this book was how evident and profound their feelings were for one another. Doubt never crept its way over and my gosh, I could just feel the weight of their love for each other. I was completely lost in their story; zero hope of ever wanting to put this book down.

The author did a magnificent job with the plot, stirring just the right amount of angst alongside the romance. The reasons behind Anna’s reluctance held such powerful validity that my heart squeezed ever so tightly, a vice strong enough to bring my hands unconsciously against my heart. I admired the author’s ability to bring something so real into her story, making her character incredibly easy to relate to. She has to be one of my favorite heroines. She wasn’t overly dramatic, she wasn’t annoyingly flighty. She was scared, she was honest, unbelievably brave, and a true vixen at heart. A sexy vixen whom Drew Baylor couldn’t shake. From the moment he lays his eyes on her, he knows he’s a goner. Drew was just…. UGGHHHH, so majestically swoon worthy!!! He is the epitome book boyfriend. He never once gave up on her, always Anna. Always and forever, Anna. She was it for him and the bounds and leaps he takes just to breath the same air she does, even for just a nanosecond was something to behold. I enjoyed every dang, nanosecond of it too. I wanted to wrap him up and snatch him away; keep him for my own because he is just so effer-luvin’ awesome. Even now, I swoon just thinking about him. Anna and Drew were like moths to a fire around one another. OMG, the hottie tottie scenes—WHOA BABY!!! I swear, I had to fan myself what with the heat creeping up flush against my face. Oh ladies, your girly bits will thank you.

The Hook Up is so much more than the atypical NA romance- it goes beyond the usual playboy jock falling for the beautiful wallflower. There are real issues that the characters deal with and the author takes the level of heat between her characters to perfection. This book made me deliriously crazy and I cannot sing enough praises for it. So, I suggest you find out for yourself while I meander over to my Kindle store and one click the follow up book to this series, The Friend Zone (Gray’s story) which I know will drive me just as wild too.

About the Author:


Kristen Callihan is an author because there is nothing else she’d rather be. She is a three-time RITA nominee and winner of two RT Reviewer’s Choice awards. Her novels have garnered starred reviews from Publisher’s Weekly and the Library Journal, as well as being awarded top picks by many reviewers. Her debut book FIRELIGHT received RT Magazine’s Seal of Excellence, was named a best book of the year by Library Journal, best book of Spring 2012 by Publisher’s Weekly, and was named the best romance book of 2012 by ALA RUSA. When she is not writing, she is reading.

Series Order:

The Hook Up:

The Friend Zone: