Cover re-reveal: When We Collide by AL Jackson

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From New York Times Bestselling Author A.L. Jackson comes a gripping new tale of loss and love. 
William has spent six years running from his past and the last eight months trying to rid his mind of the dreams that increasingly haunt his nights. Trapped in a world of false ambitions and feigned affections, William knows he’s reached a breaking point and something’s going to give. 
Maggie had lived her entire life without hope until one man showed her what it meant to be loved. He’d been her light in a lifetime of darkness. Six years ago, that darkness stole him away. Without him, she’s surrendered herself to an existence she doesn’t know how to escape. 
When the family William left behind is struck by tragedy, he is called back to the one place he’s sworn to never return to again. In a moment that will change his life forever, William comes face to face with the girl who, with one look, captured his heart. He is unable to ignore the buried desires and the hope for the future they’d once believed they’d have. 
Now William is ready to fight to take back what had been stolen from him six years before. But he never imagined what that fight might cost him. 
A.L. Jackson gives you an intimate look into the lives of a family bound by an unseen connection in this new contemporary romance. 
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BOOK REVIEW: Sweetest Venom by Mia Asher


Love is the sweetest venom.

I told her I wanted her body and not her love.
I lied.

I fell in love with a lie…
She was beauty and destruction.
Kissing her was a tender song.
Owning her body, a wild poem.
Loving her, my downfall.
But she was mine.
Or so I thought.

One man offer me his love.
The other, the world.
‘m falling, falling, falling …
And there’s no end in sight.

FullSizeRender (1)

Well, they do say that the best things come to those who wait and I have waited for Mia Asher’s Sweetest Venom ever since I turned to the very last page of Easy Virtue. The wait… the longing anticipation of what was to become of the sexiest trio around was worth EVERYTHING! Holy mother, I don’t even know where to begin to tell you how much I LOOOOOVED Sweetest Venom. It far surpassed every single one of my expectations and more. The love triangle between Blaire, Ronan, and Lawrence penetrated me in such a wicked way. Much to my displeasure, the pages flew by in what seemed to be in a blink of an eye. Mia Asher’s story telling assailed me from the very start up to the very end.

Too many times to count, I found my eyes rolling to the back of my head. I was scorched by the sensuality that flowed through every crevice of this book. The raw, animalistic need between the characters had my blood pumping to the right places, sending a crushing wave of pleasure all over me, and trust me when I say that I rode out those waves in a state of delicious euphoria.

What I’ve come to know and love about Mia Asher is her ungodly talent for writing a damn good love triangle. One filled with flawless characters who play their parts exactly as they are meant to. Take for example, Blaire—a siren born to seduce and reduce men to ashes. I love her character and I praise Mia for giving us a female lead with a sexual thirst which could outlast and outdo even the most virile men. A woman who’d been so badly burned by her parents’ selfishness, she’s created another version of herself- one who has locked away her heart and in its place arose a temptress, a provocative huntress that can’t be contained. Alongside such a strong heroine, came two very different men who wanted the same thing—to possess both Blaire’s body and heart. I loved Ronan and Lawrence equally though I must admit that one seemed to raise the heat factor up a notch for me in this book. Like Blaire, I couldn’t decide who I wanted to get the girl and it drove me to the brink of insanity.

Always… In cases of love triangles, I always know who I want the person to end up with. Always. Except now. Oh, the angst! Ms. Asher does such a superb job with the male leads that you can’t help but want them both. The author makes you greedy and you truly begin to understand the hell that Blaire feels. A decision that is impossible to make, Mia Asher keeps you guessing until the very end. I mean it. You come to so many points in this book where you think, “Yep, it’s Lawrence for sure!” and the next minute, “I knew it, Ronan for the win!” My heart was beating a hundred miles a minute and OMG as a self proclaimed literary masochist, I loved it to my very core! And like Blaire, my heart ached for Ronan but my body betrayed me for my hunger for Lawrence. Even after I’ve finished this book, I honestly still don’t really know where I stand.

There were countless elements that just made me fall in love with this book. From Mia’s unbelievable narration, to the addictive story line, to some of the best lines to have ever been written in a book. So many that just took me off balance because the power behind those words were just so phenomenal. To say I was impressed is a complete understatement. I’m still reeling over them–

“I can feel it. My heart once weakened by my love for her has finally grown quiet.”
“This is need. This is cruelty. This is hunger. This is total obliteration.”
“You make hell feel like heaven, Blaire.”
“Her kisses were deceit that tasted like the sweetest venom, her laugh a lure to my demise, and her body the damn devil’s playground.”
“Men don’t fall in love with women like you, Blaire.” “They lose their f*cking minds.”

The Sweetest Venom was exactly what I needed when I didn’t even know I needed it. Mia Asher has just left me utterly amazed with this follow-up. This was THE follow-up of a lifetime and she should be incredibly proud of herself for breaking through the sequel curse. She annihilated every single one of my expectations and I cannot beg you enough to read this duet for the sole purpose of reading this sequel. A book shelf worthy book that is sure to stand on the very top of not only my 2016 best reads but atop my best reads of all time.

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We Like It Big Tunes:

Wicked Games- Chris Issak

The world was on fire and no one could save me but you.
It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do.
I never dreamed that I’d meet somebody like you.
And I never dreamed that I’d lose somebody like you.

No, I don’t want to fall in love (this girl is only gonna break your heart)
No, I don’t want to fall in love (this girl is only gonna break your heart)
With you, with you (this girl is only gonna break your heart)

What a wicked game you play to make me feel this way.
What a wicked thing to do, to let me dream of you.
What a wicked thing to say, you never felt this way.
What a wicked thing to do, to make me dream of you

And I wanna fall in love (this girl is only gonna break your heart)
No, I wanna fall in love (this girl is only gonna break your heart)
With you.

The world was on fire and no one could save me but you.
It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do.
I never dreamed that I’d love somebody like you.
And I never dreamed that I’d lose somebody like you,

No, I wanna fall in love (this girl is only gonna break your heart)
No, I wanna fall in love (this girl is only gonna break your heart)
With you (this girl is only gonna break your heart)
With you (this girl is only gonna break your heart)
No, I… (this girl is only gonna break your heart)
(this girl is only gonna break your heart)

Nobody loves no one.

About the Author:

I am a writer, a hopeless romantic, a wanderer, a dreamer, a cynic, and a believer. And, oh yes…I might be a bit crazy – but who isn’t?

I believe in happy endings however I know that not everyone is lucky enough to get one, but such is life. I think fine lines exist to be pushed and possibly crossed.

BOOK REVIEW: Bounty by Kristen Ashley


Justice Lonesome has enjoyed a life of bounty.

Even so, she’s inherited the curse of the Lonesome. A poet’s soul. Which means she’s still searching for something. Searching for peace. Searching for the less…that’s more.

And when the foundation of her life is pulled out from under her, grieving, she goes to the mountains to find her oasis. She hits Carnal, Colorado and decides to stay.

Deke Hightower lost everything at the age of two. He lost it again at fifteen. His life has not been about bounty. It’s been about learning to live with less, because there’s no way to get more.

Deke’s also watched all his friends go down to the women who gave them what they needed. He wants that for himself. But he knows that search isn’t going to be easy because he’s a rider. His home is the road. That’s the only place he can breathe. And the woman who takes her place at his side has to do it sitting on the back of his bike.

When Deke meets Justice, he knows she’s not that woman. She’s cute. She’s sweet. And she’s into him, but she’s got it all and Deke knows he won’t fit into that. So he holds her at arm’s length. Establishes boundaries. And Justice will take it because she wants Deke any way he’ll let her have him.

But when Justice finds herself a pawn in a dangerous game, Deke makes a decision.

When he does, he has no idea he’s just opened himself up to bounty.


Bounty by Kristen Ashley was filled with so much light and sweetness both which I thought was the perfect way of telling Justice Lonesome and Deke Hightower’s love story. I have to say that this book felt different for me when compared to the sundry of KA books I’ve read in the past. There was a gentler, more tender feel to this one and I thought, how very fitting for two people who needed it most.

I especially loved the theme that KA drilled into her readers when it came to her protagonists—he was made for her as she was made for him. This rang loud throughout this entire book, it took root, and she made you believe it. There was no denying the fact that Justice Lonesome and Deke Hightower were made specifically for one another, fitting into each other’s lives to a tee. Justice lived a gypsy lifestyle while Deke lived a nomad’s life—both thriving and loving the road and the freedom it had to offer. It isn’t until Justice finds grief that she decides to finally settle somewhere outside of the limelight she’d been accustomed to; that being born a Lonesome—granddaughter to Jerry and daughter to Johnny. It isn’t until she finds herself looking outside an unfinished house overlooking an expansive amount of land in the mountains that she begins to truly feel the need for less which would mean so much more for her. And it isn’t until she spots Deke Hightower who had sworn off “rich b*tches ” who made his and his Ma’s life a living hell in a local bar that Justice is taken back into time, reminding her of how much more of the less she desperately needed in her life.

Justice resurfaces looking much different from the girl whom Deke had his sights on seven years ago. In her place is a gypsy lookalike who reeks of money. The type of girl who he makes sure to stay away from no matter how strong the pull to her is. Resisting the unnatural connection to her, Deke walks away from the temptation and quite possibly from the promise of finally settling down roots. Fortunately, fate steps in and forces Justice and Deke together. With Deke working on Justice’s new house, he begins to see how wrong he was about his misconceptions about her and when an act of terrifying violence threatens his chance to make things right between them, Deke breaks down the barrier he’d worked so hard to build thus allowing them both begin to really get to know each other. Not Justice Lonesome, the granddaughter of Jerry Lonesome and the daughter of Johnny Lonesome but the Justice Lonesome who Deke Hightower can’t seem to shake. A woman who finds joy in bringing him sandwiches, a woman who writes lyrics in a biker bar at 1 am… Justice Lonesome, the woman made for him.

I enjoyed this book as I always do with any of KAs books. However, what I felt was missing amidst the layers and layers of sweetness was that gut wrenching, nail biting angst that KA is so phenomenal at doing. Though there were quite a good dose of emotion in the familial sense I wanted that heat of heartache to bloom, to add an unhealthy dose of turmoil for a literary masochist like me. But more importantly, what I loved about Bounty was how Kristen Ashley delivered her message of “finding the one made for you” even years after you thought you’ve lost it or even after you thought it didn’t exist for you. Justice and Deke embodied this belief. They make you hope, they make you want, and they make you a believer. I loved that they were a reflection of one another and at the same time they drove each other to experience and to feel things they both never imagined possible. Bounty is a great addition to this Colorado Mountain series. Easy and breezy, this is a perfect Sunday morning read to get you ready for a hectic week ahead.

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We Like It Big Tunes:

Mirrors- Justin Timberlake

Aren’t you somethin’ to admire?
‘Cause your shine is somethin’ like a mirror
And I can’t help but notice
You reflect in this heart of mine
If you ever feel alone and
The glare makes me hard to find
Just know that I’m always parallel on the other side

‘Cause with your hand in my hand and a pocket full of soul
I can tell you there’s no place we couldn’t go
Just put your hand on the glass
I’ll be tryin’ to pull you through
You just gotta be strong

‘Cause I don’t wanna lose you now
I’m lookin’ right at the other half of me
The vacancy that sat in my heart
Is a space that now you hold
Show me how to fight for now
And I’ll tell you, baby, it was easy
Comin’ back here to you once I figured it out
You were right here all along

It’s like you’re my mirror
My mirror staring back at me
I couldn’t get any bigger
With anyone else beside of me
And now it’s clear as this promise
That we’re making two reflections into one
‘Cause it’s like you’re my mirror
My mirror staring back at me, staring back at me

Aren’t you somethin’, an original
‘Cause it doesn’t seem merely assembled
And I can’t help but stare, ’cause
I see truth somewhere in your eyes
I can’t ever change without you
You reflect me, I love that about you
And if I could, I would look at us all the time

‘Cause with your hand in my hand and a pocket full of soul
I can tell you there’s no place we couldn’t go
Just put your hand on the glass
I’ll be tryin’ to pull you through
You just gotta be strong

‘Cause I don’t wanna lose you now
I’m lookin’ right at the other half of me
The vacancy that sat in my heart
Is a space that now you hold
Show me how to fight for now
And I’ll tell you, baby, it was easy
Comin’ back into you once I figured it out
You were right here all along

It’s like you’re my mirror
My mirror staring back at me
I couldn’t get any bigger
With anyone else beside of me
And now it’s clear as this promise
That we’re making two reflections into one
‘Cause it’s like you’re my mirror
My mirror staring back at me, staring back at me

Yesterday is history
Tomorrow’s a mystery
I can see you lookin’ back at me
Keep your eyes on me
Baby, keep your eyes on me

‘Cause I don’t wanna lose you now
I’m lookin’ right at the other half of me
The vacancy that sat in my heart
Is a space that now you hold
Show me how to fight for now (please show me, baby)
I’ll tell you, baby, it was easy
Comin’ back into you once I figured it out
You were right here all along

It’s like you’re my mirror
My mirror staring back at me
I couldn’t get any bigger
With anyone else beside of me
And now it’s clear as this promise
That we’re making two reflections into one
‘Cause it’s like you’re my mirror
My mirror staring back at me, staring back at me

You are, you are the love of my life [x10]

Now you’re the inspiration of this precious song
And I just wanna see your face light up since you put me on
So now I say goodbye to the old me, it’s already gone
And I can’t wait wait wait wait wait to get you home
Just to let you know, you are

You are, you are the love of my life [x8]

Girl you’re my reflection, all I see is you
My reflection, in everything I do
You’re my reflection and all I see is you
My reflection, in everything I do

You are, you are the love of my life

About the Author:


Kristen Ashley was born in Gary, Indiana, USA and nearly killed her mother and herself making it into the world, seeing as she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck (already attempting to accessorise and she hadn’t taken her first breath!). Her mother said they took Kristen away, put her Mom back in her room, her mother looked out the window, and Gary was on fire (Dr. King had been assassinated four days before). Kristen’s Mom remembered thinking it was the end of the world. Quite the dramatic beginning.

Nothing’s changed.

Kristen grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana and has lived in Denver, Colorado and the West Country of England. Thus, she’s blessed to have friends and family around the globe. Her family was (is) loopy (to say the least) but loopy is good when you want to write. They all lived together on a very small farm in a small farm town in the heartland. She grew up with Glenn Miller, The Everly Brothers, REO Speedwagon and Whitesnake (and the wardrobes that matched).

Needless to say, growing up in a house full of music, clothes and love was a good way to grow up.

And as she keeps growing, it keeps getting better.

Innocence’s Series Bundle (Innocence, #1-3) Release Day Blitz By Alexa Riley


Innocence eBook.jpg

AP new - buy the book.jpg

Amazon US  Amazon UK  Amazon CA  


This is the complete story of William and Haley. From William taking her innocence, to their happily ever after, and all the dirty play in between.

This bundle includes all three short stories PLUS a bonus novella about Adam and his little Eve. They’re a part-time DD/lg couple that William and Haley sometimes play with.

Warning: This series includes full-time DD/lg play, so if it’s not your thing, you might want to skip it. BUT if you’re into the kink like we are, then come get your rocks off. We’ve got you covered!   

AP new - excerpt.jpg

As I sit here in my leather chair, I can’t help but wonder how the fuck I got in this situation.

Years. I’ve tried for years to stop these feelings. I’ve gone through the guilt, depression, self-hatred, and disgust to come back to one feeling I can’t shake…need. What I need most in the entire world is in the next room, tied to my bed, covered in my cum.


Tonight was her party to celebrate her graduation, her turning into a woman, but those big blue eyes looking up at me with all the need and want of a young girl tells me she isn’t as inclined to grow up as her father would like to think. No, Haley is innocent, pure, untouched, and everything inside me wants to own her. My 20 year friendship to Roger, be damned.

In one night I’ve cast aside all my morals, along with the trust of her father, to bathe in my own darkest desires. I went to her party to watch over her, to celebrate the passage into her adult life. A life that doesn’t include playing board games and late night bedtime stories. But what I witnessed was her total ignorance to the danger right in front of her.

I keep patting myself on the back for saving her from the piece of shit kid that drugged and almost raped her. Watching him follower her around all night had me on edge, but her seeming to like the attention made me livid. I wanted to pick her up and throw her over my shoulder like a Neanderthal. Every time I tried to get close to her, just to hear what they were talking about, that Jane bitch would only cackle in my ear, adding to the headache her perfume had already given me.

I cheer myself on for beating his punk ass within an inch of his life and having him hauled off to jail. Hell, Roger actually did pat me on the back for that one. In fact, convincing myself that Haley needed to come home with me to be watched over was harder than convincing Roger. He trusts me with his little girl. Probably because she has always been my little girl too. Only Roger and I have very different views of how we want to treat our little girl.

I made my deal with the devil the moment I brought her back to my home.

I stripped her naked and tied her to my bed. What the fuck did I think was going to happen? I said goodbye to all my morals the moment I saw her bare for the first time. Juicy. Her whole body was just so juicy. Wide hips and thick thighs that led to the most perfect cunt I’d ever seen. Barely any hair and totally natural.

I knew she was a virgin, and it took all the power in my body not to spread those delicious thighs and look at her hymen. I needed to see the evidence of her innocence, but I wanted her to be the one to show me.

Instead, my eyes went back to her huge breasts that overfilled any top and bra she’d ever worn. Rosy nipples taunting me, making me angry that after all these years I couldn’t cum without thinking of them. I’d seen them once two summers ago when her too-small bathing suit top came off after she jumped into the pool. For two goddamn years I couldn’t so much as let loose a single drop of cum without seeing those perfect nipples in my mind.

Today I completed the fantasy and marked what was mine. I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. I pulled down my boxer briefs just enough to let the monster out of the cage. This beast was too wild to let loose on her just yet.

I straddled her stomach and knelt up, positioning myself above those perfect tits. I licked my palm and stroked myself hard in a punishing rhythm. I looked into her sweet face and at that moment she licked her fucking lips. It was like she was sending me a sign and telling me to mark her as mine. To claim her virgin pussy for whatever my dick desired.

I beat my cock harder as pre-cum wept onto her chest. This was no gentle jerkoff session, this was an angry stroking for all those years I couldn’t touch her. I looked at her sweet lips and I swear I could hear her say Daddy in that shy voice. I could almost see that pink tongue licking out, begging for a drop of what only Daddy’s dick could give her.

I came with a heavy grunt all over her nipples while my hips kept thrusting like a rutting animal trying to mate. I even ran the tip of my dick around her areola, rubbing out the last of my orgasm against her skin, not wanting her to miss a drop.

My pact with the devil was complete. I climbed off my beautiful little girl and stuffed my still rock-hard cock back in my pants. I smiled as I tied the blindfold on Haley and left the room. She was finally mine.












Alexa Riley is two sassy friends who got together and wrote some dirty books. They are both married moms of two who love football, donuts, and obsessed book heroes.

They specialize in insta-love, over-the-top, sweet, and cheesy love stories that don’t take all year to read. If you want something SAFE, short, and always with a happily ever after, then Alexa Riley is for you!

Author Links

Twitter  Facebook Website  Goodreads  Amazon Page  Instagram

AR sig.jpg



RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW: Tapping the Billionaire by Max Monroe


Release Date: 04/25/16 (early release)


Blind dates? Online dating profiles? Been there, done that.

Georgia Cummings has zero luck with dating, and the era of the internet is not her friend.
No matter how fast she runs, how many corners she turns, she can’t find her way out of this weird, alternate universe where men think dick pics are a replacement for small talk and getting to know a girl. One more crotch selfie and she might write men off for good…

But why can’t she stop fantasizing about him?

Kline Brooks is the quintessential billionaire bad boy—dark, styled, short hair, muscles for days, and a panty-dropping smile.
Except—he isn’t.

As his employee, he won’t touch her with a ten foot pole.
But she won’t touch him either.

Too bad their hormones missed the memo.


If you’re the type of woman who prefers crotch selfies to small talk, this book isn’t for you.

If you enjoy random men you’ve never met filling up your inbox with dirty words and porn—for reasons focused more towards diddling your donut than laughing at the absurdity—this book isn’t for you.

If you HATE laughing, this book isn’t for you.

If you want your male leads to grunt, thrust like jack rabbits, and have one-track minds that prefer a nice pair of tits to brains every hour of every day for the rest of forever, well, then, this book still isn’t for you.


If you enjoy a good swoon, a hearty laugh, witty banter, and some hot as f*@% f*@%ing, then consider Georgia Cummings your Girl Friday and Kline Brooks your next irresistible book boyfriend.


Intrigue. That’s what made me want to be one of the first batch of people to read Tapping the Billionaire. And you know what the funny thing was? It wasn’t even the book per say that had me intrigued. Of course, I was excited to delve into Kline and Georgia’s story but to be honest, it was the mystery behind the authors who make up Max Monroe that really had me going. So even though they’ve yet to reveal themselves, I have this to say about them after finishing up Tapping the Billionaire—these two, whoever they are…. Are a match made in literary heaven! OMG. This book was just AMAZEBALLS. I love, LOVED every single thing about it. Tapping the Billionaire is full of wit, romance, and also filled with a plethora of panty melting sexiness. Kline and Georgia will have you swooning and laughing out loud throughout this book. OMG, so GOOD!
I loved that Kline, this alpha male billionaire was so different from many alpha millionaire/billionaire male protagonists that have been done. I mean c’mon, let’s be honest. There are tons out there and going into this, I felt a bit of skepticism about yet another one. But I am telling you all now. Trust me when I say that Kline Brooks stands tall in a league all on his own. A billionaire who chooses practicality and comfort rather than showing off the insane amount of money in his bank account. An alpha male who not truly respects his leading lady’s choices but who also genuinely listens to what she has to say. UGH, I am so friggin-lickin’ in LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE with Kline Brooks. This guy actually made me want to say, “mine” out loud! He always said the right things and did the right things—all these right things just shot straight to my heart and quickly spread to my girly parts. So many times I kept saying, this guy is too good to be true. A perfect reminder of why I’ve got an addiction to fiction. It’s books like this and characters like Kline who help me escape the daily realities and catapult me into cloud 9. Holy moly may I please get a heap more servings of that! And of course, a perfect leading man needs an equally perfect leading lady and Georgia Cummings was exactly that. I have a major girl crush on her. Beauty and brains. She had each at maximum level. On top of that, she was also funny and charming and just incredibly sweet. Her relationships with her family and her BFF, Cassie proved exactly why she was so easy to love. Kline and Georgia together had me on my knees. An ultimate fictional couple to add alongside some of my already favorite ones.
The pages are littered with laugh out loud moments. Like on the real, LOL. I was snorting and holding on to my belly laughing. Their first date, OMG dying! Funny and charismatic and hot all at the same time. I didn’t know what to do with myself. A perfect trifecta that continued throughout the book. The way this book was written? Seamless. You couldn’t even tell that this was done by two people. There were no breaks in tone, in pace, and its prose. Max Monroe, whoever you two are, you have hit the gold mine together. The peanut butter to ones jelly, the mustard to ones ketchup, the Gilmore to the girls.
Tapping the Billionaire is the perfect everyday read. Whether you are looking for something to boost your weekday/workweek struggles or for a relaxing weekend read. This light-hearted romance was exactly what I needed and I guarantee you’ll also have more than a good time with Kline and Georgia and company. This has my book shelf worthy stamp of approval and definitely a top 2016 read.
Buy Links:
We Like It Big Tunes:
Crazy in Love- Beyonce
About the Author(s):

Two established romance authors join forces to bring you more books and stuff. Together.

Two men, two women, or, perhaps, one of each. Everyone is asking—Who is Max Monroe?

Hell, we could even be Colleen Hoover.

You decide.

Disclaimer: Yeah, we’re not Colleen Hoover.



They say in order to find yourself you have to go home.
What if home was what you’re running from?
Where did that leave you?
Always on the other side of the fence.
Always looking in.
Always wishing you were someone you couldn’t be.
Until one day you meet her.
The one.
She was my high, but she was also…
My demise.


blended together making it hard to focus on one thing. I blinked a few times
and just like that…
saw her face.
if she was standing right in front of me.
whole world…
felt my lips curl up slightly at the vision as I reached out for her. Wanting
to touch her, needing to hold her, yearning to kiss her. Craving, God, craving
to fucking love her.
sorry,” I murmured out loud to no one but the illusion of my drug-infested
mind. “I’m so fucking sorry,” I repeated repentantly, longing for her to
believe me.
for her to love me again like she used to.
don’t know how long I sat there, staring at her beautiful face before my eyes,
subconsciously rubbing the tattooed key that was placed over my heart. I
couldn’t take it anymore, and the desire won over the haze.
was too powerful.
was too vivid.
grabbed my phone. “Baby,” I said into the speaker. The ringing quickly
followed, going straight to voicemail. I hung up and tried again. “Baby,” I
urged with desperation in my tone.
tried again and again and again.
would try until the end of time if that’s what it took for her to answer.
talk to me.
save me.
crave me.
just seemed to standstill, as my life slowly played out in front of me. Trying
to balance in between the light and the darkness when all I could see was gray.
she screamed into the phone, finally answering after I don’t know how many
failed attempts. “What the hell do you want now?”
cielo.” I breathed a sigh of relief.
She ignored
my term of endearment. I hadn’t called her that in such a long time.
do you want, Austin? Why are you calling me? We’re over! I can’t do this
shut my eyes and let my mind wonder, allowing it to go to another place in time
where she didn’t hate me.
remember the first time I made you smile,” I chuckled, as if it had just
nerves were on fire. The mere sound of her breathing through the phone was too
intense for me. I licked my lips, my mouth suddenly dry.
remember when you used to smile just for me. Do you remember, baby? Do you
remember what my love feels like?”
heard her faintly breathing.
you remember my hands on you? My lips? My tongue? The first time I made you
come with my mouth? Do you remember all the times since? Tell me I’m not
forgotten. Tell me you remember, baby.”
love you, Briggs. I love you so fucking much. You’re killing me, don’t you see
that? I’m dying without you.”
Austin. You were dying with me,” she rasped, knowing that it killed her to say
first time I saw your face, I thought to myself, damn, this beautiful girl is
goin’ to be the death of me. You were perfect in every way. I was a cocky son
of a bitch who needed you then, as much as I need you now.” 
had a dream about you, baby. I always fucking dream about you. In my dream you
had a ring on your finger. A ring I put there. You belonged to me. Only mine.
Forever fucking mine. You were pregnant, Briggs. You looked so goddamn happy. I
saw light at the end of the tunnel for the first time in years.”
sniffled into the phone.
made love to you. Slow, just the way you love. Taking my time to touch every
last inch of your body. Memorizing every last bit of you. Making you come until
you begged me to stop. I didn’t.”
can’t—” she tried to interject, but I didn’t let up.
kissed your stomach. Our baby. Letting my lips linger there, whispering sweet
lullabies, letting her know daddy will always be there. Baby, it was so real.
For a second I gave you the one thing you so desperately wanted, the one thing
I can’t give you.”


 Have you met the other Good Ol’ Boys?
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Bestselling author of The
VIP Trilogy, Tempting Bad, Two Sides Gianna, and The Good Ol’ Boys series. M.
Robinson loves to read. She favors anything that has angst, romance, triangles,
cheating, love, and of course sex! She has been reading since the Babysitters
Club and R.L. Stein. She was born in New Jersey but was raised in Tampa Fl. She
is married to an amazing man who she loves to pieces. They have two German
Shepherd mixes and a Tabby cat.
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COVER REVEAL: Sweet Sunshine by Jessica Prince

Title: Sweet Sunshine (Pembrooke #1)
Author: Jessica Prince
Release Date: May 29, 2016
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She’s a romantic at heart.
Chloe Delaney had three very specific wishes, growing up. She wished to stay settled in the small mountain town of Pembrooke, where she grew up, to one day be her own boss, and to fall in love with a man who would be willing to go to the ends of the earth for her. With her roots firmly planted in Pembrooke’s soil and her bakery, Sinful Sweets, thriving, two of her wishes have already come true. When a handsome single father moves to town, she’s certain she’s found the man to fill the role of wish number three.
The only problem is, you can’t force a frog to turn into a prince.
He isn’t the Prince Charming type.
When Derrick Anderson moved from Jackson Hole to the small town of Pembrooke, he did it determined to wipe the slate clean. After eight years spent trapped in a miserable marriage, he’s made a vow to never take the plunge again. He wants to be untethered, not tangled up in the strings that come with a committed relationship. He has his daughter, his career, and an ex-wife hell bent on making his life unbearable. His plate is already full.
The only problem is, he didn’t have a plan in place to protect his heart from her.
Neither of them were prepared for the course their lives would take. But once a rollercoaster begins to move, you can’t just climb off, now can you?
The only thing they can do is strap in, hold on tight, and enjoy the ride.
I’d always thought of Chloe as cute, pretty in a girl-next-door kind of way. But when I stepped through the doorway leading to the backyard, the sight before me was one I hadn’t expected. She looked… well, hot. She was the type of woman who wore minimal makeup, and it worked for her, but now… now those big doe eyes of hers stood out, and the way her hair hung down her back in wild, attractive curls… I couldn’t quite put my finger on why she appeared so different, I just knew she did.
And the way my dick twitched behind my fly screamed to the fact that it was not a good thing. Head out of the fucking gutter, Anderson. Chloe wasn’t the type of woman I needed to ogle shamelessly. She was a friend, someone I cared about. She was the type of woman you kept, putting a ring on her finger and surrounding her with a white picket fence and a shit load of kids. And as a man unwilling to give her what she deserved, I needed to get myself in check.
Because she deserved better than anything I was capable of giving her.

Born and raised around Houston Texas, Jessica spent most of her life complaining about the heat, humidity, and all around pain in the ass weather. It was only as an adult that she quickly realized the cost of living in Houston made up for not being able to breathe when she stepped outside. That’s why God created central air, after all.

Jessica is the mother of a perfect little boy–she refuses to accept that he inherited her attitude and sarcastic nature no matter what her husband says.

In addition to being a wife and mom, she’s also a wino, a coffee addict, and an avid lover of all types of books–romances still being her all time favs. Her husband likes to claim that reading is her obsession but she just says it’s a passion…there’s a difference. Not that she’d expect a boy to understand.

Jessica has been writing since she was a little girl, but thankfully grew out of drawing her own pictures for her stories before ever publishing her first book. Because an artist she is not.


1986 by Morgan Parker COVER REVEAL

Title: 1986
Author: Morgan Parker
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Design: By Hang Le  
 Release Date: June 13, 2016


Allana Harrison wanted out. She wanted to escape her painful, broken past and enjoy a fresh start somewhere else. Anywhere else. And while all of the boys in high school and college promised to deliver that dream, only one man actually pulled through.

Now a young adult, Allana finds herself on the opposite side of the world, in a prosperous and rich town that’s not only isolated from her past, but from the crime, grime and hustle of bigger cities, in a country where she doesn’t understand the language or know anybody else except her husband. And that’s how she likes it.

Until she meets Alex, another American who ends up being her only other friend, the one person who reminds her of what it’s like to feel desired, wanted and hungered for.

Except Alex has motives. And Alex has questions — about her husband’s work at the world’s most-advanced, leading-edge power station, questions he wants answered… and when Allana can no longer provide them, Alex threatens to reveal the secrets of their forbidden past, secrets that will destroy the man that saved her.

Caught between two men — one she loves and the other she can’t help but love — Allana must deliberate the role she plays in the moments leading to humankind’s greatest disaster… in 1986.

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Author Bio

As the author of the best-selling mystery romance, Surviving Goodbye, Morgan Parker has written several other novels under this pen name. In 2012 and 2013, he self-published Textual Encounters and Textual Encounters: 2, respectively. As a result of the interest in these two stories, he wrote non friction, an unconventional love story. That love story earned Mr. Parker a tremendous amount of attention and at the insistence of his readers, he followed it with Hope (a novella) and Sick Day. All three of those stories have spent time on Amazon best-seller lists.

When not writing, Morgan likes to spend time gathering story material from his two young children, rereading books by Colin Harrison, and napping where he discovered the Type II Sleep State, which is the topic for an untitled trilogy to be released in late-2016.

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TILL DEATH US DO PART By Cristina Slough Book Blitz

TDUDP Banner

Title: Till Death Us Do Part
Author: Cristina Slough
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: December 29, 2015



The fateful day Mimi Marcus has dreaded begins with a phone call…

The wife of a U.S. Marine, Mimi spent countless nights worried that her husband Joel would fall in the line of duty. He had fought valiantly and served his country with honor. That’s exactly what they tell her when they deliver the news—Joel was taken by the enemy in Afghanistan. Her husband is dead.

In desperate need of closure, Mimi travels to the one place Joel still has ties—The Marcus Ranch in Texas, inherited by his handsome younger brother Austin.

New beginnings are only an illusion…

The closer Mimi grows to the Marcus family, the more she considers it home. But when suspicions of Joel’s past surface, Austin refuses to disclose family secrets—even to his brother’s widow. It’s only by accident she uncovers evidence of Joel’s tainted past. Devastated by his lies and betrayal, she slowly opens up to Austin, and together they unfold layers of pain and grief.

Mimi is sure she’ll never love again, but is Austin the man to prove her wrong? Then the unthinkable happens…

Just as Mimi finds new hope in a future with Austin, Joel returns home from war. Enraged, traumatized, and teetering on the edge of insanity, Joel confesses to a history of deception, revealing yet another secret—this one too terrible to forgive.

In an awful twist of fate, Joel proves marriage vows are made to be honored.
No matter what.

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Till 12

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Till 1 Till 2 Till 3 Till 4

Till 5

Book Trailer


About The Author


Novelist, movie addict, and animal lover, Cristina Slough is the author of:

Till Death Us Do Part, her debut novel.

Cristina has always been a bookworm, rarely seen without a pen and paper in her hand, she loves delving into a literacy fictional world of her own.

At age of 11, her teacher told her mother that she would be wasting her life if she didn’t become an author. Throughout her teenage years, her parents spurred her on to keep writing. She later began a career in commercial real estate, working in London’s West End, a corporate bubble where she was unable to satisfy her passion to write.

On her Californian honeymoon in 2012 the bug to write was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. After visiting Yosemite, she was inspired by the natural beauty of the land that surrounded her. Holding a special place in her heart, Yosemite would later be written into her debut novel.

She finally gave up the ‘big smoke’ when her son, Lucas, was born.

After getting to grips with her new role as a mother, she began working a psychological thriller, but she couldn’t connect to the characters she created. She ditched the manuscript and started Till Death Us Do Part.

Cristina is married to Adam, who runs a successful business; together they share their Bedfordshire home with their son, crazy white German Shepherd and three spoiled cats.

As a family, they love to travel frequently, the United States being a firm favourite.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Limitless Publishing


COVER REVEAL: The Spiral Down by Aly Martinez

the spiral down full.jpg

Henry Alexander’s story.

 (This is a m/m romance and can be read as a complete standalone.)

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the spiral down cover


I was afraid to fly.

He made me soar.

After years of climbing the ladder of success in the music industry, I finally had

everything I could want.

Yet I still found myself wandering through life alone.

Captain Evan Roth was the one man I never saw coming.

Tall, dark, mysterious… Straight.

We were both damaged beyond repair and searching for something so elusive we

weren’t sure it even existed.

But, when two broken souls collide in midair, falling is a given.

I just never expected to crave the spiral down.

Sexual life - gay couple on the bed


About the Author:

Aly Martinez

aly martinez

Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, Aly Martinez is a stay-at-home mom to four crazy kids under the age of five, including a set of twins. Currently living in South Carolina, she passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a glass of wine at her side.

After some encouragement from her friends, Aly decided to add “Author” to her ever-growing list of job titles. Five books later, she shows no signs of slowing. So grab a glass of Chardonnay, or a bottle if you’re hanging out with Aly, and join her aboard the crazy train she calls life.


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

aly martinez