Heels Over Head by Elyse Springer Review

Heels Over Head


Jeremy Reeve is one of the best divers in the world, and he’s worked hard to get where he is. He intends to keep pushing himself with one very clear goal in mind: winning gold at the summer Olympics in two years. That medal might be the only way to earn his father’s respect as an athlete.

Brandon Evans is everything Jeremy isn’t: carefree, outgoing, and openly gay. With his bright-blue eyes and dramatic tattoos, he’s a temptation that Jeremy refuses to acknowledge. But Jeremy can’t ignore how talented Brandon is—or that Brandon has no interest in using his diving skills to compete.

They’re opposites who are forced to work together as teammates, but Jeremy’s fear of his own sexuality and Brandon’s disinterest in anything “not fun” may end their partnership before it begins. Until a single moment changes everything, and they help each other discover that “team” can also mean family and love.

Word count: 97,000.


I really enjoyed this book! I was in a major book funk! Every book I’ve read lately had been blah. But, once I started this book I was seriously blown away! I absolutely loved it! I never felt like I had to put this book down or skim any parts. I was fully immersed in the whole diving scene. And with all it’s characters! I’ve never watched a diving competition before. But after reading this book I felt as is I’ve been to one! The picture the author describes is really detailed. I could feel the moment the divers hit the water. I loved that. I loved how the book just flowed. This book would make a great movie! I could see this all being played out in the big screen! ( And I love the cover!!)

I loved the characters in this book! Brandon the tattoo hottie that has all the talent and no cares at all for that talent. He takes his gift of talent and ignores all the opportunities that, that talent could take him.

Jeremy… is super uptight. He’s had one goal in his life. And he’s worked his butt to get it. And it’s to go to the Olympics. He’s been training for thirteen years! It’s all he knows. It’s all he wants.

He’s thrown for a loop when Brandon walks into his life and starts to train along side with him. At first Jeremy wanted nothing to do with him. Then Jeremy started to despise him because he felt he was throwing away his talent.
Little by little… Brandon start s to chip away that hard exterior of Jeremy’s.

Val… Jeremy best friend. She I felt was the glue to Jeremy. She knew what he was going through and she knew how to deal with him. And over time…Became a good friend to Brandon.

Jeremy, Brandon & Val all had one thing in common and it was diving. They all did it for different reason. One was to get out of his hometown and move on, the other was to please an overbearing mother and another had a dream and goal to be in the Olympics and also looking for approval from his family. They all come together and helped each other out when they needed it. They were their own little makeshift family.

This book was a very slow burn. It takes awhile for things to happen between Brandon and Jeremy in this book. Because Jeremy is sooo far in the closet. I don’t think he could find his way out even with a map!
But, even though I wished certain things would have happened earlier in the book. It wasn’t bad. The book flowed perfectly. It just made for a fuller read. I was totally into these characters and their lives. I was rooting for them all to succeed.

Brandon and Jeremy….
Opposites attract is what comes to my mind if I had to describe Jeremy and Brandon. Jeremy was so ridged and strict with himself. He had a goal and nothing and no one was going to mess it up for him.
Brandon was a go with the flow kind of guy. He knew when to take things seriously and he knew when to let some steam go. He also liked to walk a fine line between the two. That’s why it was so hard for Jeremy to fully trust him. To let go and let him in.
Jeremy felt like you couldn’t function properly like that. And he couldn’t understand why anyone would want to function like that.

I loved Brandon. He was super patient with Jeremy. He took things so slow with him and he knew when to back off so he wouldn’t be pushing Jermey too far or too fast.
Every time they did anything sexual, it always felt like it was their first time. It was always so intense. Jeremy was so new to everything. So it just made everything they did that more intense. You could feel the intensity of it all.

“It was so good. I want to kiss him again. I want to watch him give in to his own desire. I want to be the person he steps out of the closet for.”

I cried for Brandon in this book. Jeremy was literally all over the place with his emotions. And poor Brandon had to deal with all of it. I was so angry at Jeremy. He was old enough to know what his family was saying wasn’t true. Especially being with Brandon for so long. That’s what got to me about Jeremy. He was his own worst enemy. He let others inside his head. Instead of listening to his own heart. It was very frustrating.

I wish there was more to the ending. The author leaves you satisfied. You do feel complete. But you definitely feel like there should be more. She takes you on this great journey to the Olympics. And once we get there. You get that ending. I would have liked to read what happened. I feel like there should have been a epilogue. I hope we get more from these characters. I would even like to see how Val’s life turned out!

*ARC provided by Riptide Publishing via Netgalley*



Elyse is an author and world-traveler, whose unique life experiences have helped to shape the stories that she wants to tell. She writes romances with LGBTQ+ characters and relationships, and believes that every person deserves a Happily Ever After. When she’s not staring futilely at her computer screen, El spends her time adding stamps to her passport, catching up on her terrifying TBR list, and learning to be a better adult.

She’s always happy to chat with other readers, and you can find her online at:


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