RELEASE DAY BLITZ & BOOK REVIEW: You’re the Only One by E.M. Abel



Title: You’re the Only One
Author: E.M. Abel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: April 11, 2017




Sky and Dillion became best friends bonded through struggle, heartbreak, and a promise to get away from it all.
Together they move to New York to pursue their passions. Dillon is a singer/songwriter looking for his big break while Sky wants nothing more than to become a top fashion designer.
Years later, they’re still chasing their dreams. Their friendship has endured jealousy, insecurity, disappointments, and even open relationships.
But can they survive falling in love?

Melanie’s Review:

A friends to lovers’ story that in my opinion also happens to just be E.M. Abel’s best work yet. Though from the very beginning I could already see how this story would unfold, I was still anxious about how the author would deliver the story line. Let me tell you, E.M. Abel did not disappoint. The characters were strong, the plot line remained constant, and the writing so completely inviting.

What I’ve always admired about this author’s work is her ability to create such strong, independent, and down to earth heroines. Leading ladies that could be one of us and for me, that is a total draw. Sky is another to add to that list. So of course it would only make sense to have an equally strong lead male to go alongside a power house heroine like Sky. That’s where Dillon comes in and ladies… Dillon is one HAWT fictional male specimen. Ugh. I totally lost it a couple of times—he’s the entire package.

Sky and Dillon are childhood best friends who genuinely believe that their relationship is completely platonic. Even through eye rolls from friends or disbelief alongside jealous tantrums from romantic interests, Sky and Dillon stand firm on the whole “he/she is just my best friend and there’s nothing more there.” For a while this remains true and I loved that. I loved that there was no hidden expectation between them that one day something more could develop. They truly loved one another, cared for one another, and wanted to see each other happy because they simply couldn’t imagine anything other than that. But life often takes us for a spin and You’re The Only One, makes you wonder just how true the whole “timing is everything” saying is. For Sky and Dillon, it truly is… EVERYTHING. When realization slowly takes root that “OMG there could be something more… “Well, that’s when the fun really begins.

With so many friends to lovers’ books out there, I thought that E.M. Abel added a refreshing take to it with You’re The Only One. Known to take her topics just outside the lines, I was delighted to find that she stayed true to her signature style. Though I will say that this book is her friendliest yet. This has everything that readers would like and a lot less of what usual readers may shy away from. I honestly think that this could be the book to get many more readers acquainted with this author. A slow burning romance with a hint of humor and whole lot of heart, I highly recommend You’re The Only One by E.M. Abel.



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Author Bio

E.M. Abel was born and raised a Marine Corps brat. She spent a large portion of her life moving and living in her mother’s home country, Japan. As a result, she gained independence and a unique perspective on the world. The youngest of three girls, E.M. Abel spent a lot of time alone in her room writing or sketching in her journals and dreaming up stories. Growing up, she wrote poems, short stories and articles for her high school newspaper. She also fell in love with art and discovered her desire for self-expression.

Now, a Navy wife with two children of her own, she still loves being creative and most of all translating her stories into novels. E.M. Abel can often be found with her headphones on jamming out to music, practicing yoga and searching for her Zen or exploring the latest place she’s calling home. No matter what she’s doing in her life, she’s always sure to do it her way.



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