Crossroads by Chantal Fernando RELEASE BLITZ/Review



Title: Crossroads
Series: Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club #6
Author: Chantal Fernando
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 14, 2017


From New York Times bestselling author Chantal Fernando comes the latest in the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club series featuring a red-hot romance and plenty of mystery!Ranger is at a crossroads: he has a chance to leave the motorcycle club and do something else with his life—but he keeps getting dragged back. When the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club asks for his help, Ranger agrees, not only because it is hard to say no to them, but also because he has a vested interest.

A woman is missing.

And Ranger knows her.

The Wind Dragons aren’t the only ones hoping this girl can be found—on the hunt is Johanna Chase, a stubborn detective who won’t give up until the missing woman is found safe. She needs Ranger to navigate the underground world of motorcycle clubs, and immediately, sparks fly. Ranger fights the attraction. He has no plans on going there, no matter how beautiful and badass she is. A biker and a cop? Ridiculous.

But the two of them soon realize that they’re in way over their heads, and now they have to trust each other in order to save her. With the WDMC and the police force at their back, it should be no problem, right?


4.5 stars

Omg! I loved this book!!! Ranger was soooo damn good in this book! I was wondering how his story was going to be played out. It had a bit of everything. I loved it!

I feel like Ranger was at a crossroads in his life. He was feeling unsettled. Questioning what and where he was going in life. Just going with the flow of things. Looking for his purpose in life. He loved the MC lifestyle. And he loved the Wind Dragons. But he just didn’t feel comfortable in a way. Switching clubs was kind of hard transition for him.

“I feel like I’m an outsider looking in sometimes, yet I’m not exactly making any moves to fix it. I’m at a crossroads in my life, and I have no fuckin’ idea what I want or what will make me happy. I’m just wandering, without direction or aim. I really need to sort my shit out.”

So when Faye came up to him needing his help with a case. He wasn’t thrilled about it…. But he did it. Meeting the cop in that case rocked his work! He had such mixed feelings on how to act around Jo. He wanted to keep his distance but at the same time he wanted to be near her all the time.

Jo aka Johanna was a strong woman. She was so use to being by herself. That she had a hard time letting her guard down with Ranger. She hated that he was a biker. But liked the person he was. She always felt like she was crossing an invisible line with him.

“I close my eyes and wonder how the hell this happened. I have no logical answer for it. We were meant to be enemies, yet we fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. I don’t really know him, yet I know him so well. So many contradictions. The only thing I know is that right here, with him, is a place I don’t want to leave or lose.”

I loved all the back and forth between Johanna and Ranger! I think that’s what turned Ranger on about Jo. She was on the same playing field as he was. Jo just wasn’t some girl throwing herself at him. Ranger had to work for it. And I think it was the chase that he loved.
They were so hot together! He sex scenes were good!

The drama with Elizabeth I felt could have been dealt with sooner. The fact that she was holding on to a dream for years was shocking and maybe even a little delusional!

I love this series! I love all the characters in this series. The one thing I’m super bummed about though is the direction Faye’s character has taken in this series. I’m just not loving it at all. She’s just in everyone’s business. I really haven’t been feeling her for some time now. I just wished Anna played a bigger part now.

It’s kind of sad. Ranger was the last single club member. I’m going to miss this series so much. Hopefully we get some books about the kids! I would love to read that!

*ARC provided for an honest review*




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New York Times, Amazon & USA Today Bestselling Author Chantal Fernando is thirty years old and lives in Western Australia.Lover of all things romance, Chantal is the author of the best selling books Dragon’s Lair, Maybe This Time and many more.

When not reading, writing or daydreaming she can be found enjoying life with her three sons and family.

Chantal loves to hear from readers.

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