Say You’re Mine by Jenika Snow Release Day Blitz/Review


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Say You're Mine by Jenika Snow

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She was mine before I even knew her name…


When I first saw Maggie, I knew we’d be the best of friends. I wanted that desperately, wanted her in my life, and I’d do anything to make sure that happened.

Until Maggie came in my life I didn’t know what love was.

She’ll be my first and last.

I’ll be her only.


I didn’t know I could have a friendship like the one I have with Felix. But the friend-zone wall has always been in place. Being too afraid to cross it, I’d rather be in Felix’s life than tarnish the relationship we have.

Too much time has passed. I’m done being afraid of the what-ifs. I’m ready to admit how I feel for him, consequences or not.


Maggie doesn’t know the lengths I’ll go to keep her in my life, but she will, because the very idea of her with someone else is not something I’ll even entertain. She’s always been mine, and it’s time I step up and show her how much I love her.

My devotion for her goes to the very depths of my soul, and staying back as she lives her life without me by her side is absolutely not an option.

Warning: This story is so sweet it might give you a stomachache, but it will be worth it. Short, straight to the point, and drama-free, be prepared to fall in love with this devoted hero who will go to any lengths to make the woman he loves his. A safe, overly happy read that will have you wishing you had a Felix in your life.

4.5 stars

Talk about knowing what you want at a young age! Felix was six years old when he laid eyes on Maggie. He didn’t understand his feeling for her back than. He just knew he had to be next to her and protect her.
As the years went on. Felix and Maggie were inseparable. Both having feelings for each other. Never wanting to cross the friendship line.
But once that line was crossed. All the love they had for each other just came pouring out.

Felix showed Maggie everyday just how much she meant to him. And Maggie was right there with him.
This was a super cute story. You could totally feel the love they had for each other. I can’t wait until the next book comes out!

*ARC provided for an honest review*

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Jenika Snow is a USA Today Bestselling Author that lives in the northwest with her husband and their two daughters. Before she started writing full-time she worked as a nurse.


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