Tempting the Law by Alexa Riley Review

Tempting the Law by Alexa Riley


Eden literally fell into Coen’s arms as he rescued her, and she has belonged to him ever since that day. She has sent him an invitation to her graduation and he’s obliged to go… Right?

Coen has always been Eden’s knight in shining armor, and now she needs him more than ever. Will he come and rescue her one final time?

Warning: This book is short, with speed-of-light insta-love and a ridiculous storyline. If you’re looking for quick and dirty, then come tempt the law with us!


Oh man… What can I say! This book had it all! It was a classic Alex Riley book! I felt the attraction right from the beginning with Coen and Eden. The need and want from them.
It was super hot!

This little novella starts off with Coen saving Eden. She literally falls into his arms and once they look into each other’s eyes. It’s game over! They have both imprinted on each other.
But Eden is 16 and Coen has to let her go. But he never could get over that look Eden gave him or the words they said to each other before he let her go.

“I heard once, if you save someone’s life that you’re responsible for that person.”
“Does that make me yours?”

Fast forward two years later… Coen hears from the girl that took his heart the night they met.
Once they lock eyes on each other… He knew he was gone… He tried to fight his feeling for Eden. Knowing she was too young for him. But it was a loosing battle.

“I don’t want you to be innocent with me, Coen. I’m yours. Your little bit.”

The way Coen took Eden the first time… All I can say is Yes please! And I could only wish my first time was like that!…lol

“Once I have you, I won’t be able to let you go, sweet girl. You’ll be mine, and there will be no escaping. Ever.”

All I can say was this was such a good short read that totally leaves you happy and satisfied! And I can’t wait to read more from these two authors!

*ARC provided for an honest review*

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About The Author

Alexa Riley is two sassy friends who got together and wrote some dirty books. They are both married moms of two who love football, donuts, and obsessed book heroes.

They specialize in insta-love, over-the-top, sweet, and cheesy love stories that don’t take all year to read. If you want something SAFE, short, and always with a happily ever after, then Alexa Riley is for you!

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