BOOK REVIEW: Forever Pucked by Helena Hunting


I love diving into a sequel when it’s done right and Helena Hunting had all the right moves with the follow-up to one of my ever top reads, Pucked. Forever Pucked made me realize just how much I missed Alex and Violet. These two are one of the ultimate fictional couples to ever grace the pages of a book. I was happily relieved to see that Helena Hunting stayed as true to these beloved characters as she could have and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

In Forever Pucked, we don’t only get to see the full scope of the wedding planning, but I loved how Helena incorporated new conflicts that Alex and Violet had to work through together in a way that only they can. Sexy with a heaping mix of Violet’s quirkiness, I found myself both squirming and laughing with delight. There was no denying the love that flowed between them. Strong and continuous, I fell madly in love with them all over again. I loved how Alex craved Violet, never once forgetting the love he felt towards her and the best part about it was that Violet so deserved his love and vice versa. I couldn’t believe how much Violet’s character had grown. Though still crass as all hell (just as I love her), she shows great maturity in both her personal and career life. I truly believe that it is her love for Alex that has gotten her to a place of self-acceptance and comfort. She proudly marched to the beat of her own drum and goodness I loved that so much.

I so enjoyed seeing the rest of the gang and getting to see how their stories have progressed without ever taking anything away from Alex and Violet. It was perfect!

Forever Pucked was exactly what Alex and Violet needed and deserved. Helena Hunting proves once again of her talent for comedic, sexy novels with unforgettable characters. In my opinion, Helena has dominated this genre and I look forward to so many more of her future work. I will forever be pucked when it comes to Beaver and MC. Keep rockin’ Ms. Hunting because you are definitely on your A-game!

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Profile portrait of businessman working on laptop in black suit at studio

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