Lessons of the Past By Chloe Maxx Release Blitz

Title: Lessons of the Past
Author: Chloe Maxx
Release Date: Nov 9, 2015
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They say karma is a bitch.
And I'd agree–I had lived it.
I had an affair with a married man…who also happened to be my professor. I couldn't stop it, couldn't control it. The only problem was that, I, of course, wanted more, and he couldn't give it to me.
Life moved on, I thought I'd moved on, but karma came back and destroyed it all.
My husband fell in love with his secretary, and I was left trying to figure out if love was even real.
I wanted to believe it was. I was almost positive I never stopped loving the one man I couldn't have. But…what if I could have him? What if he wasn't as off-limits as I had thought?
Our food came and we continued talking. I had just taken a bite of enchilada covered in sour cream when I saw them through the arched window. My breathing stopped, my gut felt like it had been punched.
Javier was sitting at a table with his wife and daughter. His family. I couldn’t look away. I watched him talking to his daughter, watched them laugh. Watched as Amy placed her hand on his upper arm in a way that said they were intimate, not estranged.
He leaned across the table and said something else to Caroline and they both laughed again. The real kicker came when he grabbed Amy’s hand. It was as if I was watching a train wreck.
Had he been playing me?
Chloe Maxx lives in Oklahoma with her family. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two kiddos, reading, hiking, hanging out on the beach, and road trips.

Lessons of the Past is her debut erotica novel.


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