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LLWDRelease1020Graphic The wait is finally over! If you preordered Love Like We Do (Side A), it should be waiting for you on your Kindle or iPad right now! If not, it’s available for sale on Amazon, iBooks or Nook. (If you read on the latter two platforms, you only have two days to buy the books! After that, they’ll be going into the Kindle Select program for 90 days.) ScrollerQuote1RED Haven’t heard of the Love Like We Do series yet? It’s a coming-of-age, com-ing-out story of two 16-year-old boys. Don’t go labeling it right off the bat, though. This series isn’t simply for teens, and it isn’t only for LGBT readers. These books are for everyone. They’re about confidence, self-awareness, acceptance, truth, misconceptions, bigotry, friendship, family, and–most importantly–love. ScrollerQuote1ORANGE Trey Holland has been friends with Max Rosser and Callen McNare for years. While Trey and Callen both date girls from their private school, Max always has known he was different; and last year at his public school, his teammates began suspecting he was, too. Even though Trey has always been the common link between Max and Callen, he’s unaware that something more has been happening between his two best friends. When the news finally comes out, all of their relationships are tested. ScrollerQuote1YELLOW After their secret is exposed one night, Callen disappears. Max confides in his oldest brother that he suspects Callen ran away, unwilling or unable to accept the fact that he’s gay. Jon Scott, Max’s brother, helps to guide him through the most crucial time of his young life: coming out to their mother, to his father, and to his best friend of eight years. It has also become Jon’s re-sponsibility to ensure Max’s safety in an environment that’s still unwilling to fully accept Max for who he is. ScrollerQuote1GREEN
With the help of his brothers and friends, Max learns that he is much stronger than he once thought he was. Love Like We Do (Side A) is the first of two books in this se-ries. This novel tells the story from Trey and Jon’s points of view–the outsider’s perspective. ScrollerQuote1BLUE Tomorrow, Love Like We Do (Side B) will be released. It will give you Max and Callen’s side of the story. The frustration of their hidden relationship burns steadily at the beginning. Once separated, the boys understand how their past way of doing things won’t work in the future. Callen watches from a distance, admiring the courage that Max displays in dealing with the fallout back home. He wonders if he has the backbone to stand up to his parents and the confidence needed to move forward with a relationship with Max. ScrollerQuote1PURPLE


2-2.5 Stars

Going into this book I knew it was going to be a retelling of side a. That didn’t bother me.
I was excited to read Max & Callen’s side of the story. Fill in all the blanks I never got in the first book. Because there was a lot missing for me in side a.

Right off the bat… I wasn’t feeling it.
I just wasn’t feeling Callen’s explanations and reasonings for everything he did.
He slept with his girlfriend all the time. (I hated his reasoning too about that) He flaunted his relationship in front of Max constantly.
Then turned around in private and say he was sorry to Max…and basically told him he’s the one he wanted to be with.
I just hated that!
He was so scared to come out.
But… he just strung poor Max around throughout this book.

In side a… Jon and Livvy get their sex scene. Trey and his girlfriend do some pretty heavy stuff too sexual. And of course Callen and his girlfriend.
I found it weird that the main characters didn’t get anything.
Now… I wasn’t expecting full on sex or anything.
But… I was expecting more from them.
One time things got pretty far between them.
But… That was cut too short.
Then nothing at all.

That’s what I found so weird. I just never felt Callen was that into Max. And I hated how Max would practically beg Callen for more action between them.
For the rest of the book Callen pretty much stops it from happening. Leaving Max frustrated.

When Callen ran away… I thought he was so selfish for doing that. He took off not even considering his actions would hurt the one person he supposedly liked.
To be honest with you… I had a hard time feeling like Callen did like Max. Because it felt like Max was constantly trying to convince Callen to take the leap with him.
I just think he was attracted to him and lusted after him… But nothing else.
Max was always showing in private how much he wanted Callen. And it was like pulling teeth for Callen to do anything with Max.
It was just so irritating.
Even after he came back from running away. He treated Max like he had some contagious disease.
It was hard to read.
I wanted Max to take a stand and see the light! I wanted him to move on.

The role Will played in this book… I felt he should have been more loyal to his brother. He saw him suffering. Blaming himself for everything that happened.
I just thought that was wrong.

Overall… I needed more from the main characters. I was hoping for better explanations & better reasonings. Because we really didn’t get that much from the side a book.

I wanted to feel the falling in love between the boys. I wanted to feel the need they both had for each other. That they just couldn’t be away from each other.

I wanted to feel the butterflies in my stomach.
I did not feel like that at all between these characters…
Which was kind of sad.

Sadly… I had high hopes for this book…
But, It just wasn’t what I was expecting.

I still love Lori’s writing… and will continue to read her books… just these two books weren’t for me.

*ARC provided by author for an honest review*

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Oh! One last thing! If you’re a Choisie series fan, the ebook of Love Like We Do (Side A) has a 7500-word short story of the day that Isaiah learns the news that he has a daughter!! You won’t want to miss that!


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After graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1997 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Lori Otto worked in the billboard industry for ten years. Frustrated with trying to communicate entire messages in “seven seconds or less,” she decided to leave outdoor advertising and return to her love of creative writing.

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