BOOK REVIEW: Tainted Black by Shanora Williams



Dear Mr. Black, I know you were hurting. I heard your cries. I wished over and over again that I could make it better, but as you stated I was too inexperienced; too good for someone as bad as you. Perhaps you were right, but it didn’t matter because what I did know was that I loved the way you felt–loved the way you smelled. I loved how hard you got for me, and when you called me your Little Knight. I can still remember that day in the park, when you held me close and kissed me deep. How you effortlessly made me cry your name on top of sweet smelling grass, making me feel like the only girl in the world. I loved how you looked at me, how you spoke to me. I had been madly in love with you ever since I was twelve years old, but I shouldn’t have been. Isabelle would have hated it–my best friend. I couldn’t afford to lose her. Besides, you two had already lost enough. Losing Mrs. Black was the epitome. It’s Chloe Knight. I wanted to be there for you no matter what, but Isabelle needed me too. And she would have hated me if she ever found out I was sleeping with her father.

** Tainted Black is a forbidden love-story about a girl who helplessly falls for her best friend’s father. After a tragic accident ends the life of Theo Black’s wife, he turns to the one person he has always found interesting. Chloe Knight, the girl from across the street, his daughter’s best friend, and a person that is considered completely off limits for him. **


It’s a known fact that I get this sort of high when reading a “forbidden romance,” between two consenting adults and so when I’d heard about Shanora William’s Tainted Black… Well, let’s just say I was a little too excited; shaking for my next “forbidden” fix. There was no denying it. Tainted Black was CRAZY HOT! The “hottie tottie” scenes were WHOA BABY!!! Thigh clenching, melt your underpants, endorphin mania, wake your husband kind of scenes. The author created such an alpha male in Theo Black. He looked the part, he talked the part, and my goodness did that man walk the part. The chemistry between Chloe and Theo was undeniable. A little touch set them off like a wildfire and I was a voyeur in it for the ride.

Chloe Knight first laid eyes on Theodore Black at 12 years old; her heart rumbling as loudly as the motorcycle he’d been straddling on his driveway. Even from that very first day, Chloe knew that the feelings Theo brought out of her were something out of the ordinary. She locked up those strange emotions and instead found a lifelong friend in Theo’s daughter, Izzy. I loved how the author was able to formulate a slow burning relationship between Theo and Chloe; setting it ablaze only when the time was right. And that time came when she was 19 years old. No longer a girl and ready to enter womanhood and the way in which Theo takes her into womanhood had my libido in a frenzy. The level of heat that Theo and Chloe could create with one another made the couple of hours it took for me to read this book in its entirety so worth it.

Now comes the BIG but… I loved Tainted Black’s premise and Theo and Chloe together BUT apart, well, they just both sort of didn’t work for me. As hot as Theo was, I thought he totally took advantage of Chloe’s naivety. He knew how much he affected her and time and time again I felt like he used that against her too. The age difference definitely affected their relationship outside of the bedroom. Having lived such a sheltered life, I didn’t feel like Chloe grew up; she didn’t set boundaries and she was always so easily swayed because she loved pleasing others. Izzy taking after her father with a whole lot of brattiness, took advantage of Chloe in many ways too. I felt bad for her most of the time. She was such a lost soul without Theo guiding her and the majority of guiding he did with her was towards any surface he could get his hands all over her.

But the BIGGEST issue I had with this book was how inconsistently written it was. One minute Chloe has hazel eyes and the next she’d had piercing grey eyes. Unless she was into colored contacts, I’m pretty sure eye color doesn’t often change much. The spelling errors were littered all over the place, the grammar well… correct usage surely wasn’t of the biggest concern. I expect for the books I pay to look like they’ve at least gone through editing once. So this was a huge disappointment for me. But again, this book’s heat level was enough to keep me going; spelling, grammar, structure issues and all!

I saw quite a few reviews out there expressing their strong opinions about the ending of this book. Many clawing at the roots of their hair, unable to accept just how the author wrapped up their story. I however, loved the direction she took it. It was probably the most growth I’d seen of Chloe and even of Theo. Did I think Izzy was still a selfish, self-absorbed brat? Yep! Sure did! I honestly felt like she was the ultimate game changer for Theo and Chloe and I thought it a shame because she just seemed so unworthy of it. That pang of disappointment lit up for a bit but at the end of it all, I was happy with Shanora’s decision on how Tainted Black ended. It had closure and it was done in such a thought provoking way. I’d say this was probably one of the best, unexpected endings I’d read in a while. So if you’re looking for something forbidden with a whole lot of heat factor, let Mr. Black taint you today.

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Shanora Williams is a twenty-something that creates authentic romantic stories that, may or may not, make you question what a “Happily Ever After” truly is. After hitting the New York Times and USA Today bestsellers list at the mere age of nineteen, Shanora ventured further into the creative writing world, working even harder to create unique and memorable romances for all to enjoy.
She currently resides in Waxhaw, North Carolina and is the mother of one amazing boy, in love with her devoted man, and a sister to eleven.
When she isn’t writing, she’s spending time with her family, binge reading, or running marathons on Netflix while scarfing down anything sweet and salty. She LOVES hearing from her readers!

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