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Release Date: September 15th

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The danger in pretending is it becoming real…

Sebastian Stone, Sunder front man and guitarist with a rap sheet about ten miles long, escaped to Savannah, Georgia, to get away from the trouble he’d caused.

Not find more of it.

The moment he saw Shea Bentley, he saw beneath all her sweet and innocence to something that went deeper.


Their relationship was built on secrets; their love built on lies.

Sebastian never imagined how deep her secrets went.

When the past and present collide, Sebastian and Shea find themselves fighting for a future neither believed they deserved. Their passion is consuming and their need unending.

Now, holding the truth in his hands, Sebastian is faced with sacrificing everything he’s come to love to protect Shea and his family.

Two pasts intertwined.

Two lives bound.

Will their demons drown them or will Shea and Sebastian finally learn to breathe?

Drowning to Breathe is the stunning conclusion to Sebastian and Shea’s two-part duet. Their story began in A Stone in the Sea.


Impatiently, patiently waiting… That’s where AL Jackson had left me at the end of A Stone In The Sea. It is not much of a secret how much I adore this author and her stories. When asked of my opinion about her, many adjectives ring out— organic, poetic, jarring, just so naturally gifted. Her past works so well known for the myriad of emotions that they evoke out of her readers. Stories with characters that are so unimaginably stoic yet so filled with unyielding love; guttingly moving.

So the excitement that bubbled out of me when she announced her first go at a “rockstar romance,” was so palpable I’m sure it was contagious. The Bleeding Stars series was introduced to the world in the best way possible. A stunning introduction of new set of beloved characters; Shea Bentley and Sebastian Stone our main protagonists in A Stone In The Sea brought out an unexpected, edgier… Dare I say, a naughtier side of this author. When authors trudge on new territory, I personally feel that it elevates their talent that much more. Avid readers and rabid fans like myself gain a new found appreciation and I cannot praise AL Jackson enough for elevating herself by coming out of her shell which is so wonderfully showcased in her Bleeding Stars series.

Drowning to Breathe is not an exception. She gave Shea and Sebastian the most deserving conclusion and there is nothing better than that. I loved that she starts this book out with an emotionally driven reminder of where we left off in A Stone In The Sea. I think this delivered an even stronger need for their happily ever after. This book crossed over lines of your atypical romance story. It not only gave us a chance to fall right back in love with Shea and Sebastian but this follow-up allowed us to form an even stronger bond across different facets. A bond between families. My heart was infinitely full; brimming with a vast array of devotion and admiration for all of the characters that I have come to love in such a short period of time. There was no shortage of  intense chemistry between Shea and Sebastian in this book. Drowningto Breathe cemented their love for one another. So many moments in this book mattered; scenes that tickled me pink, sailing me through cloud nine wanting more, more, more.

This is a soul searing conclusion to a deep, deep, deep love. Like the moon and the sun the gravitational pull between Shea and Sebastian so powerful, they create an almost frightening tidal wave enough to drown away even the most notoriously vicious elements that try and get in their way. The abhorrent feelings that were plucked out of me, too disturbing to name. Once again with such vehemence, AL Jackson surprises me by throwing into the mix an antagonist so pretentiously vile, I hated him with every fiber that was left just enough to reign me in. Aside from “he who must not be named” from Pulled, Martin Jennings has definitely catapulted himself up my sh*t list. This man… Oh this vile, nasty man just so unexpectedly grated me. I couldn’t believe how angry I felt. I swear, I wanted to rip this guy something good and this is a feeling I’m not accustomed to. It’s so easy to love characters, easy to open your heart to a mass quantity of them from the hundreds of books that are out there but let me tell you… It isn’t very easy to feel hate and animosity towards a character because let’s face it… Romance has its spotlight lit brightly on the protagonists but AL Jackson subtly brought in a force that added this extra layer of emotion that warred with the good. What a tremendously satisfying feeling that added layer brought on at the end though. Flying, soaring, floating…

Best? The ultimate surprise that left a permanent smile on my face. I was kissing the ground that AL Jackson walked on 60% into the book. I began drowning in her words early into the story she so remarkably told but OMG you guys, I DROWNED… Unable to come up for air, unable to breathe—“ I never knew there was happiness like this. And then there was you.” at this point in the book.  I never knew words could slay me into the sublime. AL Jackson was out to prove once again just how powerful her God given talent could be; words that formed into a staccato of sentences all of which seemed to beat in tune with the rhythm of my own heart. My heart. Where Shea and Sebastian and Kallie seemed to have burrowed themselves forever–  “She was the answer to my soul.”

 Drowning to Breathe is more than what I expected and everything that these characters deserved. You cannot go wrong with picking up this hauntingly beautiful love story that leaps bounds after bounds in the quest to find that one person who was meant to be yours; the person whom the greater power had planned your lives around. A captivating mix of dark and light; of the good and the bad… All of which are an eye-opening reminder of just how strong the light and the good can be when love is at the forefront of it all.


I Will Never

My brow pinched, because this fucking hurt. Hurt that Shea had been resisting confiding in me because of who I was. A fucking loose cannon. Someone prone to violence. And there it was, right beneath the surface, fire flaming and licking and begging for release.

My voice was tight. “Made you a promise I’d protect you, Shea. Live for you. And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. You and Kallie? You’re my life. My everything. And I will do anything…give up anything…to make sure you two are together. I won’t let him win.”

She brushed the back of her hand over the wetness on her cheeks. “He will do anything to break us apart…to separate us. He knows we’re weaker alone. All his words about taking us down at the same time?”

Her head shook with bitterness and hate, something so foreign on my girl’s face, but I saw it there—the atrocities he’d committed—the things she still kept inside.

The scars she wore on her heart while I wore mine on my skin.

“It’s a tactic. A ploy. He thinks he can fill us with threats. Convince our subconscious into believing together we’re easy targets. But, no.” Her eyes drew together as she refuted the idea, as she spilled her own belief. “He’s a coward. A coward. Someone who allows others to carry out his crimes and then lords it over them as if he is the one exerting control.”

That brave chin quivered. “I gave him my submission for so long, and I refuse to ever be that girl again. I was her, Sebastian. I was weak.”

Strength filled the profession. “But I’m not weak anymore. And I’m even stronger with you by my side.”




“Promise me you won’t let him provoke you, Sebastian. He knows exactly how to ruin people. He finds their weaknesses. He knows Kallie is mine. And he knows the two of us are yours.”

I swallowed hard. “I promise, baby.”

I promise.

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About the Author:


A.L. Jackson is the New York Times bestselling author of contemporary and new adult romance.

She first found a love for writing during her days as a young mother and college student.  She filled the journals she carried with short stories and poems used as an emotional outlet for the difficulties and joys she found in day-to-day life.

Years later, she shared a short story she’d been working on with her two closest friends and, with their encouragement, this story became her first full length novel. A.L. now spends her days writing in Southern Arizona where she lives with her husband and three children.

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