Wander and Roam by Anna Kyss Book Review

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In the last year, Abby Bentley has failed out of college and lost her high school sweetheart. Unwilling to return home, Abby signs up to volunteer on an Australian farm, where she can hide away from her family and isolate to her heart’s desire. Best of all, no one will care about her past. Abby soon discovers she’ll be sharing most of her daylight hours–as well as a very small yurt–with the farm’s other volunteer: sexy, flirtatious Sage.

The more hours they spend together, the more conflicted Abby becomes. Torn between a growing attraction to Sage and faltering loyalty to her old boyfriend, Abby escapes to her refuge of writing letters she will never send. When Abby finally reveals her past, Sage’s secret about his future threatens their bond. With Abby running from her past and Sage trying to escape his future, can they build a relationship in the here and now?

Melanie’s 2.5 Star Review:

Wander and Roam by Anna Kyss is filled with lots of emotion. Though both Abby and Sage harbored secrets that were so deeply felt, they both navigated through life completely differently. While Sage wanted to experience everything that life had to offer, Abby stopped living afraid to drown in the guilt of enjoying life. It is when they come together in a secluded area in Australia volunteering for WWOOF helping a single mother who owns the Organic Farm that Abby learns to let go of her past and begins to finally live. However gratifying it was for her, it soon becomes short lived once Sage’s secret is revealed.

So here’s the thing. I loved absolutely loved the cover and the blurb; these were the reasons I picked it up in the first place. However, I felt that both secrets though quite predictable were just way too drawn out for my taste. I get Abby’s apprehension after experiencing something quite painful for someone young but the way in which it was delivered—the open ended questions and letters to try and draw me in just didn’t quite work for me. I felt like their secrets kept Abby and Sage apart more than it connected them together. I was frustrated by this because well, the idea behind it had way too much potential for it to fall flat but unfortunately it did for me.

What I did really enjoy about this was the message behind Sage and Abby’s stories. It reminded me how important it is to live in the moment; their experiences brought this to the forefront. Our past and our future shouldn’t dictate how we should feel about the “now. The way in which this was delivered was poignantly done.

I hope that whatever Anna Kyss has in store for Sage and Abby as their story continues showcases their coming together rather than what is keeping them apart. I am also quite disappointed that the next book in the series is instead of Sage’s best friend and Abby’s cousin instead of continuing their story straightaway (I also didn’t appreciate the note at the end of the book behind the reason why). So if you’re in the market for something packed with angst and tears, I’d say give Wander and Roam a chance as it might hit a much deeper chord for you than it did for me.

** ARC provided by Red Adept via Net Galley for an honest review **

About the Author:

Anna Kyss lives in the beautiful, but far too rainy, Pacific Northwest. To avoid the rain, she spends hours writing young adult and new adult books. Anna’s work includes young adult urban fantasies, with a heavy dose of paranormal romance; young adult dystopias; and new adult contemporary romances.

Anna’s other love besides writing is traveling. She tries to always spend time in each location she writes about. Visit the hidden areas of London and the Costa Rican rainforest in The Underground Trilogy; a dystopian version of Hawaii in Cerulean; and imagine an Australian romance with Wander & Roam.

To get the most updated information about Anna’s new releases, join her mailing list, Anna’s Updates, at: http://eepurl.com/R9OfT. Information about her books can also be found on her blog: http://www.annakyss.com


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