Model Behavior: The Complete Series by Elise Black Review


This is MODEL BEHAVIOR: The Complete Series. It includes Volumes 1-3 and may be read as a standalone.

Lies can hide the best and worst of intentions. The truth falls somewhere in between.

Mia Park’s career as a runway model is over, but her relationship with top fashion designer David Madison keeps her picture in the papers and her name rolling off the lips of adoring fans. It’s a life most people dream of, but Mia’s never felt like more of a farce. Lonely and unsatisfied, she makes a reckless decision, and an anonymous tryst with a stranger becomes more than just a fantasy.

When a crazed fan from Mia’s past makes a reappearance, an unlikely partnership is formed between the man who seems to control every part of her life and the one night stand she thought she’d never see again.

With everyone hiding something, it may be difficult to decide who’s in it to win her heart and who’s out to destroy her.

*17+ due to a foul-mouthed, sass-talking super model, her jaw-dropping bodyguard, and enough sexual attraction to light up Manhattan.


Model Behavior: Volume One

Stars: 5
Reviewed by:
I didn’t know what to expect when I started to read this mini series. I had no clue what it was about. I did not read the synopsis at all. I wanted to go in blind and see how this series unfolded.Right from the beginning I was hooked! The story just unfolded naturally. I loved how all the characters in this series all played out.

Mia’s character at first I thought was going to be cold and impersonal. But she really wasn’t. She had many different layers. And a secret that only a few people knew about.
She was in a loveless marriage. Her life was pretty much run by her husband. Mia was already checking out. Looking for something different.
She had a chance meeting with a handsome stranger. They had a powerful connection. Thinking it will only be one time.
Turned out Mia’s past will have that handsome stranger coming back into her life.

Stone didn’t think he would ever see Mia again. But when Mia’s husband hires him to protector her from her past. Sparks fly between them!

I loved the connection between Stone and Mia. She was able to relax with Stone and just be herself.
Mia husband David… Doesn’t seem like a very nice guy. He doesn’t seem to be the loving husband type.

Can’t wait to read book 2 to see how everything plays out.

*ARC provided by author for an honest review*

Model Behavior: Volume Two
by Elise Black
Stars: 5
Reviewed by:
This story picks up right where it left off in book 1.
I must say… I’m loving this series.Stone and Mia are trying to keep their distance from each other. And keep everything professional between them.
But the attraction they feel is just too strong to deny. They have these hot little steamy moments that leave you wanting more!At the same time Mia’s stalker is getting bolder and bolder and taking bigger risk to get her attention.
And if that’s not enough… Mia’s husband is sending her mixed signals about wanting to rekindle the marriage. Which is driving Mia crazy!I have a clue who it might be. But it’s still up in the air.
Now on to book 3 to kind out how it all ends!
*ARC provided by author for a honest review*
by Elise Black
Stars: 5
Reviewed by:
What an ending!
I had a feeling of who it might be.
But… I was still pretty shocked!Mia was really starting to feel the pressure of it all. The stalker and her husband David. Stone I felt was really her rock… And grounded her.
Mia… I felt could have done a better job with paying attention to things going on around her. She let a lot go or slide by. Never really asking questions or following up with things.
That kind of got to me.When the BIG secret was revealed and we find out who has been sending those crazy letters.
I pretty much figured it out. The reasoning why he did it were pretty crazy. He really was in his own little world!I loved how it all played out. I think it had the right amount of everything. And I loved how the series ended!I’m so glad I read this series. The writing was consistent and it flowed perfectly through out each book.

*ARC provided by author for an honest review*

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