Playing for Love at Deep Haven (Enchanted Places, #1) by Katy Regnery

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She was the girl.
The only girl.
The only girl I ever wanted.
The only girl I ever loved.
The only girl I could ever love.

And I killed it.
I destroyed it.
I threw her love away.

For nine years, I’ve kept the memory of her locked in the deepest corner of my heart…all the while hating myself for what I did to her.
To us.

Now, without warning, she’s walked back into my life.

I’m covered in tats.
She’s covered in Polo.
I write heavy metal songs.
She writes chick-lit.
My eyes are angry.
Her eyes are sad.

I still long for her with every fiber of my being.
But I have no idea if she feels the same.

I guess it’s time to find out.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Playing for Love at Deep Haven is a standalone novel.

**FAIR WARNING: This book contains scenes of detailed intimacy and liberal use of profanity. It is intended for readers 18+**

Melanie’s 3-Star Review:

I am obsessed with second chance romances and when I read the blurb of this book, I knew I had to one-click. Everything about the synopsis spoke to me– the undeniable bond that the characters yearn for even after years of being apart, the conflict between how they’ve changed through those years, and the promise of persevering through those challenges… To see that love can conquer all.

The promise of all of this was definitely met. I thought the author did a great job not delving too much into their past, concentrating more into the now but giving us hints of the more crucial events nine years prior through flashbacks from both Violet and Zach’s perspectives. I loved the intensity that Zach brought to this story. You as a reader could really feel his remorse and how he puts himself out there for absolution and though he is confident in winning Violet back, there’s also a whole lot of vulnerability and caution that exists in his approach on wooing her back. It was also nice to have a heroine who was both reckless and fearful at the same time. You feel the internal battle that Violet faces; acting on her natural instincts and thirst towards Zach but also fighting to shield herself from the familiar feelings of heartbreak and rejection. This was a great mix of emotions between the two of them.

What I had the hardest time with was both the pace of the story and the 3rd person narration. I found myself impatient, craving more exciting scenes. I was waiting for my heart to start palpitating erratically– something I’ve come to expect and thrive under when reading these second chance romance stories and I just didn’t get it with this book. Don’t get me wrong, there are many “hottie tottie” scenes that the author gives you but I just wish there was more of an emotional punch to their story.

I would still definitely recommend this book to those hopeless romantics like myself who love the idea that ultimately love truly does conquer all.


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