Deacon (The Unfinished Heroes 4) by Kristen Ashley Book Review

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Deacon has an ugly history, a history that broke him, leaving him a ghost of a man. Out of necessity, he left the normal world to descend into the criminal world and found he fit. So he stayed. Cold as ice and living off the grid, Deacon has no intention to connect, not with anyone.

Then he returns to some remote cabins in the Colorado Mountains and finds they have new owners. One of them is Cassidy Swallow, a young woman willing to work hard to live her quiet dream in a house by a river surrounded by aspen and pine.

Suddenly, Deacon finds he’s at war. Cassidy’s pull for him to connect is strong. He fights it, but he loses, always coming back for more. But when he does, he gives her nothing.

From the first time she sees him, Cassidy knows Deacon is dead inside. She knows he’s the kind of man who could destroy a woman. But one night when Deacon’s control slips, Cassidy takes a chance.

He might break her. He also might be her dream come true.

Melanie’s 5-HOT HOT HOT Stars Review:

It’s official, I am OBSESSED with Kristen Ashley!!! I picked up Deacon right after I’d finally read Creed and oh my goodness, does this author only get better and better.

This book was HOT HOT HOT!!! Intense and so full of mystery I couldn’t stand to put my Kindle down for even a second. I adored Cassie, she is definitely one of my most favorite heroines to day. Funny, quirky, independent, an appetite for sex like no other all wrapped up in beauty. I loved how decisive she was, she knew exactly what she wanted in life and was not ever afraid to get it. Total Rock Chick status in my book. And Deacon Deacon– aka John Priest. This man defined mysterious. Throughout most of the book, you don’t really know where he came from and what destroyed him but what you get throughout the book is his intense nature– the way he fought against his want for Cassie, the way he spoke.. sexy as sin and sweet as honey I swear my heart just about stopped each time. But the way he LOVED Cassie my gooooooooooood did I fall in love right back. And when the pieces of his past are finally revealed, well, every hair on your body will in no doubt stand in attention just like mine did. Horrible and heart breaking but it puts into perspective what this rugged, perfect man is all about.

Cassie and Deacon were a joy to read and the hottie tottie scenes… WHOA mama WHOA. It will have your eyes rolling right to the back of your head.

“I didn’t just ride you until your p*ssy exploded. You did that to my d*ck. F*ck, watchin’ all that beauty go wild, takin’ my c*ck, enough to undo a man. Add that c*nt so wet and tight… Jesus.”

Ummmm. Yeah.. Jesus indeed! I love how Kristen Ashley can write an entire book about falling in love, fighting for that love to stay in love forever with a whole lot of sweet and a whole lot of tragedy wrapped all into one magnificent story to give you one hell of a book hangover at the end of it all. I praise her for giving her readers a full fledged story with enough pages to satiate their greed and those pages littered with something amazing. She gives the perfect start, middle, and always… always… the BEST endings.

Deacon like all of the books in the Unfinished Heroes series is KICK ASS! Everyone should read this series. If you haven’t you are missing out on something that’s too damn good to miss!!!


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