Jericho (The Barringer Brothers #4) by Tess Oliver Review


Jericho (The Barringer Brothers #4)
by Tess Oliver

Stars: 4.5

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*Jericho is part of The Barringer Brothers Series but can be read as a standalone novel*

She’s trapped.
—I was a game piece in Trace Gamble’s fantasy world, where he was king and everyone else was a pawn.—

He made a promise.
—I will fight him for you, and I will win.—

What starts as one night of secret pleasure soon becomes so much more.

When Jericho Walsh was handed the Bedlam MC president’s patch, he decided to find more legitimate ways for the outlaw club to make money. A job providing security for Trace Gamble, a wealthy casino owner, takes Jericho and his two closest friends to Lake Tahoe. Jericho soon finds that Gamble can’t be trusted. But Jericho finds a reason to stay. Roxie Palmer. A terrible secret has Roxie bound to Gamble but Jericho has decided he’s not leaving Tahoe without her.

Roxie Palmer has been stuck playing girlfriend to Trace Gamble for a year, and she hates him more each day. But if she leaves him, her family will suffer the consequences. Up until now, she’d accepted her fate of living in a loveless relationship with a man she despises. But Jericho Walsh, Trace’s newest employee, has swept into her life with his amazing looks and dangerous charm, and now all she can think of is breaking free.

The Barringer Brothers Series:
Rain Shadow Book 1
Rain Shadow Book 2
Rain Shadow Book 3
Rain Shadow Book 4
Rain Shadow Book 5

Recommended for readers 18+


This book was bittersweet to read. I totally wanted to devour it in one sitting. But…. At the same time I want to savor it. I’ve been with this series since the beginning. I fell in love with all the characters. I loved all their stories.
But Jericho has had my heart from day one. I couldn’t wait for his story. And now that it’s finally here…
I don’t want this series to end!!… I’m going to miss everyone!!

Jericho really stepped up when he became president for the Bedlam’s MC. Finally having Dreygon gone along with some of the old timers. Jericho wanted a better life for his club.
So… Instead of following Dreygon past. And how he ran his club.
Jericho set is own path and his guys followed him.

We saw a different side of Jericho in this book. Now that he’s the president. He’s not so young and carefree like he was in the other books. But his playfulness comes out here and there.
I’m not going to lie… I was a little disappointed that Kristina wasn’t the one for Jericho. I really liked her and I thought they had a thing together. Don’t get me wrong. I liked Roxie.
But…. I just thought Kristina would be “the one”.

She put her family first & herself second. That’s why she stayed in a messed up relationship with a guy she hated! To safe her brother. She never thought she would get her life back. She didn’t see a way out of it.
So when Jericho walked into her life. She finally started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Jericho gave her the strength and power to take risks and try to bring the power back in her hands. And with Jericho’s help…. She able to.

I’m happy we finally got Jericho’s story… But also sad it’s the last story in the Barringers Brothers Series. I’m so happy that everyone got their HEA.
I’m so excited to see whats to come from Tess Oliver. I can honestly say that she is my go to author. I really like all her books. Her writing flows perfectly.
And as a reader what more can you ask for.

Would I read more books by this author… YES! I would.
Would I recommend this book to other people… YES! I would!

*ARC provided by author for an honest review.*


About this author
Tess Oliver is a teacher and writer who lives in California with her husband, kids and a small pack of pampered dogs. She loves horses, chocolate and Jane Austen books.

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