Tell Me by M. Jane Colette Review


Tell Me
by M. Jane Colette

Stars: 3

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This is about us. Always. An opportunity. A gift. A chance to come together again. And you want it as much as I do.
“Thank you for unhinging my sanity, threatening the stability of my life, with one text. Because that’s how it begins, one text, one message. “I’m coming to town. Would like to see you.”

And I think, why not? Old friend. Oldest of friends. Favourite of ex-lovers. Married now, as am I. Both anchored in lives full of obligation, responsibility to others. Safe. What’s the harm? We’re neither one of us stupid enough to risk our marriages, our families, are real lives. Are we?”

As Jane “sexts” her lover and attempts to figure out how this aspect of herself fits into the obligations of marriage and motherhood, other relationships around her strain, fracture, and collapse.

Her best friend is recklessly pursuing a series of cyber-affairs, while another friend attempts an open, polyamorous marriage. Her next-door neighbour is planning a wedding with her on-again/off-again lover—but will it really happen?

Meanwhile her lawyer-husband is exchanging a lot of texts with an adoring young associate. Does Jane care? Or is she too engulfed in her own sanity-straining cyber affair to really notice?


Looking at this author’s Goodreads profile… this book seems to be her debut book. I’ve read my fair share of cheating books.
But, none have been like this.
This story idea was pretty original.
I liked the idea of it. But, I think it fell a little short for me.

This whole book was from Jane’s POV. which worked for me in the beginning…. but slowly started to get to me as I read on.
I wish we would have gotten other peoples POV’s.
I think with so many people in this story… and the rolls they played in this book. We needed other characters POV’s.

I honestly was really feeling this book. I was really loving all the sexting going on.
And all the other characters in this story.
But I hit a wall somewhere around the 40% mark.

Jane is a housewife. I can’t really say she’s like every housewife out here. Because she’s not! I don’t think many housewives would do what Jane did.
I felt while reading this book that Jane was bored. Missing something… she couldn’t get.
Then in out of the blue… Matt. A past lover comes in and Jane starts to miss what she had back then.

This thing Jane had with Matt was almost becoming an obsession. I was enjoying the first 30% of it. After that… Their conversation started off sexy and wanting…. But slowly were becoming repetitive. And also their conversations were becoming a little on the BDSM side. The whole Master, sir… Along with other names I can’t write down. I wasn’t feeling that. Not that I have a problem with dirty talk or BDSM. I just felt it didn’t work for me with Jane.
And Jane’s overall demeanor was becoming reckless. As I kept reading…. I started to loose my patients with her.
The internal dialogue and the imaginary conversations between her and Matt were pretty much through out the book. It was to much. It went on far to long.
It almost seemed like she was loosing her mind.

As I kept reading this book… I kept feeling like Jane needed to make up her mind as to what she wanted out of this whole “thing” she had going on with Matt.
I felt she was over looking why she didn’t choose Matt in the first place.
I didn’t like Matt. He wanted his cake and he wanted to eat it too. and Jane just went with it.

As all married couples do as time goes on… they have grown into a routine. Just going through the motions.
I think every marriage goes through it. Especially if you have kids. It’s not all about you and your significant other anymore. “LIFE” gets in the way. Your not the same person you were 10 years ago.
And I think as time goes on… Sometimes it just hits you. You think to yourself. How can I change. I think Jane was craving for something she once had. Something her husband couldn’t give her.
So she basically clung to her past lover. Once things started to get really hot and heavy between her and Matt… Nothing seemed to satisfies her. Not even her husband.
That came across loud and clear from Jane. I felt she was looking for that risky behavior she once had with Matt.

I felt for him. I think he got the raw end of the deal with Jane. He just didn’t know it. He loved her. But I think he wanted a little more from her. He wanted her to show more emotions about their marriage. About him.

I honestly don’t know what to say about her. She was one big giant hot mess. And she was crazy. The girl did not know what she wanted. And she drove me crazy with all her texting and calling Jane!

I hated how she just let herself be a doormat to Clint. She just accepted all his indiscretions. Ughhh

I felt bad for her. Her husband I felt was going through a mid life crisis.


I was 50/50 with this book. I liked it…. But I did not love it. There was so much going on. I felt like a lot could have been edited out. It felt like it was long. There was also just too much internal dialogue going on. It was hard to focus on certain things because I felt it jumped around to much. With everyone’s problems. I would have liked more from Alex. And not just him coming and going to and from work. And not just him having sex with Jane.
I wanted…. No needed more from him.

Jane… She lost me along the way. I went from liking her to more or less to just tolerating her. Her nonchalant attitude killed me. I hated that.

It was most definitely an interesting read.

Would I read more books by this author.
Yes… I would.

*ARC provided by HarperCollins UK, Avon via Netgalley*


About this author

M. Jane Colette’s left-brain persona spends a lot of time in board rooms, “war rooms” and court rooms parsing lies. Her right-brain persona longs to be an iconoclast and artist. When nobody’s looking, she writes poetry (badly) and throws paint at canvas (less badly). Tell Me is their first collaboration, and celebrates their joint love affair with Calgary, Montreal, texting and impractical shoes. ~ HarperCollins Publishers

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