Afraid To Fly by S.L. Jennings Book Review

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I’d like to tell you that I’m ok.

That the meaningless sex with countless women has somehow numbed the pain. That it’s deciphered the constant confusion in my head. Eased the self-hatred that sinks into my gut every time I look in the mirror.

I’d like to tell you that time heals all wounds.
That we evolve and grow into well-adjusted, stable adults, set on a path to right the world’s wrongs. That we are not our past…we are not our pain.

I want to tell you all those things. Hell, I want to believe all those things. But I’d be lying. I’m good at that. Living a lie is the only way I truly know how to survive.
But the day I saw her, I stopped surviving. I stopped existing. And for the first time in 24 years, I started living.

She brought me back to life. Set me free and sent my soul soaring. Made this useless shell of a man feel like…something. Something whole and real and good.

She saved me.
Although she believes I wasn’t even worth saving.

From the author of New York Times Bestseller, Fear Of Falling, comes a spin-off standalone about friendship, healing and learning to love through forgiveness.

Melanie’s 2.5 Star Review:

S.L. Jennings pulled my heartstrings in Fear of Falling—Kami’s vulnerability and ultimate redemption captured me in the best way possible. So you could only imagine how excited I was for Dominic Trevino’s story. The ultimate playboy with such a dark and heartbreaking past. I couldn’t wait to see where the author would take his character. Well, in Afraid to Fly, I thought that S.L. Jennings did a sensational job with delving back into his horrid past. I felt Dom’s pain and my goodness the level of emotional breakdown that I felt creeping up on me during the moments where the author took us back to the horror was immediate. My heart broke a thousand fold for Dom and I found myself truly shaken. I can’t imagine how difficult these scenes must have been to write but the author did it, she pulled it  off without a hitch and I commend her for being able to do that. This was what made the book for me. This was what S.L. Jennings is to me. An emotional story teller who is able to pull you right in.

However, I wish that I felt more towards Raven and the chemistry between her and Dom. I didn’t feel like I had a full grasp on who Raven truly was—yes, she was an amazing big sister working her butt off to support her younger brother and she harbored this deep secret that changed who she was.. but aside from that, there was no deep connection I felt towards her character. I was at the edge of my seat, anxious to finally find out what that secret was. Page after page after page, I kept waiting for that proverbial ball to drop right on top of me but then when it was finally revealed, I didn’t get that punch in the gut. I also felt like the swoon factor was greatly lacking in this book and even more surprising, was the lack of heat between them. I mean, he is DIRTY DOM for a reason and so I was surprised that there wasn’t any intensity between Raven and himself. There were small glimpses of what I wished for—some tender moments here and there but ultimately, I just felt disconnected from them.

I enjoyed seeing Kami and Blaine—ate up every scene they were in. To see how their relationship had grown and to see Kami become the person that she’d always wanted to be… well, that was a wonderful treat. I really, really wish that I would have loved Dominic Trevino’s story but unfortunately, I came out of this book more disappointed than I was fulfilled. As with all reviews, mine is obviously subjective—it’s how it made ME feel which may be the complete opposite of how you will. If you’re a fan of this author’s work, give this a shot as Dominic and Raven may move you more than they did me.

About the Author:

NYT & USA Today best selling author of TAINT, Fear of Falling & The Dark Light Series, reality TV junkie, caffeinated crack addict & collector of crazy.


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