My Time In The Affair by Stylo Fantone Blog Tour & Book Review

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Melanie’s 5-WHOA BABY Stars Review:

There is something tempting about books which cover topics that cause raised eyebrows and hushed judgmental whispers that lure me in. Stylo Fantone’s My Time In The Affair did just that; an undeniable pull to the FORBIDDEN.

I knew going into this that it would be narrated in third person, a point of view which I have the most trouble with and I have to be honest; I was apprehensive. The start of it was a bit rough for me to grow accustomed to. I felt the writing was too choppy for my taste and I felt that HOPELESSNESS begin to settle all over me but I kept at it and rolled with the punches hoping that the story would unfold into something much more. Something that would DROWN out and SUFFOCATE the style and the tempo that weren’t quite clicking for me. And like an unexpected tidal wave of GLORIOUS redemption, Stylo pulled me under and I was FLOODED by the BEAUTY of her words. I was inundated by emotions I didn’t think would come. The startling change from the hopelessness was an ELECTRIFYING sensation which made me appreciate Mischa’s story that much more.

As the title of the book has forewarned, My Time In The Affair involves cheating but what absolutely FLOORED me was how BRAZEN the female protagonist, Mischa was about it. The direction in which the author took her female lead showed such CONFIDENCE. The premeditation of the entire situation had me reeling. There were many times in the beginning of this book that I hated Mischa and felt aghast by how she handled the situation albeit her crumbling marriage. Though the HONESTY and RAWNESS of this story had me CRINGING, the author’s BOLDNESS had me standing in ovation, applauding her. This book… This story of a wife’s DESPERATE need to feel loved, of a woman’s FRENZIED longing for PASSION and PLEASURE was told in such a way that will have readers like myself completely rattled.

It is Tal’s arrival that really turns Mischa’s world upside down and it is when we truly see the change in her. I thought that the author did a sensational job with taking Mischa’s character to another level once Tal comes into her life. As a reader, you see the progression so clearly and you feel the defiance in the situation begin to disappear. The anger that I once felt toward her suddenly evolves to empathy and my feelings continually developed throughout their story. Where at the end of the whole thing, I was left so SATISFYINGLY exhausted. Something transcends when Tal and Mischa are together. They are ELECTRIC and ENERGIZING. Both their SEXUAL and basic needs of one another so HOT, so COMBUSTIBLE that I swear, my heart was racing entirely too fast for my own good. Tal’s alpha tendencies along with this unmovable confidence had my panties melting away into thin air. The hottie tottie scenes in this book— HOLY MOTHER!!! They had me PANTING and WANTING. Always WANTING so much MORE of them. It is when Tal and Mischa discover one another that I also realized just how much she needed someone like him, utterly obliterating my earlier misconceptions of her. And THAT, THAT right there was the very ESSENCE of this book. It is putting aside the judgements before knowing the full extent of a person’s story. It is understanding that life is NO WAY predictable and sometimes, in order to find happiness, it has to first become UGLY and MESSY. A loud laugh took hold of me at the end of this book because here I was, so sure that I hated Mischa at the start of this whole journey but sitting in bed at 2ish am in the morning loving her and feeling a sense of comradery towards her.

My Time In The Affair will take you out of your COMFORT ZONE. Not because of the affair itself, but because of how HONEST and DARING in its approach. Tal and Mischa together will have you feeling NEEDY, it will make you want to feel the same PASSION and HUNGER. The position that Mischa finds herself in during a couple of times in this book will have tears POURING out of your eyes. You will HATE her and you will LOVE her and you will begin to question your own approach in dealing with either your own or a friend(s) situation at one point in this life. Because really in the end of it all, it is OUR life to live. Whether you live it hiding in misery or taking hold of it and finding TRUE happiness no matter how long it takes or how far you have to go to find it. And Mischa’s story is exactly JUST THAT. SIMPLE in theory but SO MUCH MORE in truth.

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