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Brianna Hamilton wants for nothing, especially her pick of gorgeous men. But one night when an unexpected turn of events unfolds, she collides with Duke Thrasher, and there is no denying that she is going to fall hard, and fast.

Duke Thrasher has boundaries that he does not cross, keeping his personal life separate from his work. But when Brianna Hamilton enters his life the lines begin to blur.

Can Duke keep Brianna shielded from his line of duty or will his job destroy them?


This story was an ok read for me.
The relationship between Brianna and Duke was kind of hard for me to fully love.
This book reminded me a lot of the Out Of Line series by Jen McLaughlin. This book kind of had the same story line. But the MC in that series wasn’t overpowering like Duke was.

Ok… Right off the bat… Duke just wasn’t sitting right with me. The whole hospital stay with Brianna was a little much. He came on way to strong and way to fast. She knows virtually nothing about him besides he’s the one who helped her at the night club.
Then he opened his mouth and started saying how he was going to kill everyone who basically jumped in his path to Brianna!
( frat boy and hospital security)

Ummmm…. She knows nothing about him and he’s talking like that! They are strangers!
That’s a red flag number 1.
Then he didn’t want to leave her hospital room when she asked him too!!
Red flag number 2.

Now… Even for me that’s creepy and scary. Even if he was the one to help me and save me from the drunk frat guy.
Their were red flags going up left and right with this guy. I didn’t even feel the instant attraction between them.

I always think to myself when I read books like these. You got to work your way up to that point of craziness.
Because, it is totally crazy to act like that.. So over powering to a person you just met. And ignore what the other person is asking of you.

Ok…. I pretty much figured early on why Duke and Brianna’s path have crossed. It was just a matter of how Brianna would react.

I found it kind how hard that Brianna would ask questions about Duke’s job and not get answers. He would give her these very vague answers. And she wouldn’t go deeper into it. That killed me. I hated that.
How could she not put 2 and 2 together. And not know who Duke really worked for.

The one thing I kept feeling while I was reading this book was…
It all felt a little cold in the beginning between Duke and Brianna. I wanted to feel more. It seemed a little one sided.

And… I hated how Brianna was portrayed in this book. She was 24… But acted much younger than that. I would say like someone in their early teens.
With all her pouting, stomping her feet, huffing, crossing her arms over her chest, slamming doors, throwing herself down on her bed, tapping her feet.
It was hard to take her seriously.
Maybe that’s why it felt one sided to me.

And then you have her parents treating her like a child. It was just so over the top.
I don’t even know how to feel about the whole John thing. Why keep it a secret.

Overall…. This book was ok….
I liked certain parts in this book and then there were other parts I just didn’t care for.
But…overall… it was ok.

*ARC provided by author for an honest review*


K.S. Smith is an aspiring new contemporary romance author. When she is not writing you will most likely find her tanning on the beautiful Florida beaches, spending time with her family and friends or dedicating her time to the military through her favorite non-profit organization.

K.S. Smith was born and raised in Tampa, FL and continues to build her life there in her new home with her boyfriend of ten years who will hopefully one day put all book boyfriends to shame with an out of this world proposal.


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