In The Moment Series By Rachael Orman Book 1-5 Review


In The Moment Part One (Moments #1)

Stars: 3.5
Reviewed by:

Alicia knows Ace as the hard, tattooed biker who frequents the bar she works at. So when she finds him locked in a compromising position with another man, she is shocked to discover he’s not who she thought he was.Brushing off all Ace’s behavior has become second nature, until he makes advances toward her. Alicia gives in, not knowing where her desires will take her.

This was a short quick read. Got my attention right away. I thought the author did a great job introducing the characters in this short story.
There were things I liked about this book and things I didn’t care for.
I’ll start what I liked about the book.Ace and Adam were seriously hot! The storage room scene and the bathroom scene!
Yup! I loved it!!

Now… The things I didn’t care for.

Ace not really being upfront that he’s Bi. Even though he said he was not hiding it…
But, also not advertising that he’s into men and women. I felt he was kind of hiding the fact that he was Bi. Since he would show off with different women around his friends. He didn’t want his friends to give him a hard time about it.

Ace was a hard guy to like. He came on strong and never took no for an answer.
I really didn’t like how he first kissed Alicia.
He buried his hands in her hair then yanking her out of the car…

To me… It sounded like he was grabbing her by the hair and pulled her out of the car!…
Ughhh no!…lol

It didn’t even sound sexy. I even read it a couple of times…. To make sure I was reading it right!lol

I think it would have been better for me if he would have done it at a different time. She had just caught him with another person. And, maybe just a different first kiss.

And… The 1st time they have sex. I think Ace could have waited for all the serious talk. He was killing the moment and the flow of the sex for me!…lol

Overall… I thought this was a good short story. I’m interested in it. I can’t wait to read the next book in this mini series.

*ARC provided by author for an honest review*

In The Moment: Part Two (Moments #2)

Stars: 4
Reviewed by:
Ace has been ignoring Adam. Adam is determined to force him to show his hand by hitting on Alicia, the bartender Ace can’t keep his eyes off. When Ace finds out Adam is interested in Alicia on his own, he is ever the more determined to make their threesome work.
I liked this story a lot! I loved how Adam didn’t take any of Ace’s crap. He stood up for himself. He made Ace realize that he wasn’t cool with him stinging him along.
I liked that he stood his ground.The sex in this book was so spot on. So damn hot!
I liked how they didn’t push Alicia.
They kind of let things just flow and everything just unfolded between them naturally.

Ace is still hiding the fact that he’s Bi. I hope he speaks up about it soon!!

The ending of this book was left off in a little cliffhanger.

*ARC provided by Author for a honest review*

In The Moment Part Three (Moments #3)
by Rachael OrmanStars: 3.5Reviewed by:
Ace managed to burn bridges with both Adam and Alicia. Adam doesn’t even want to speak to him while Alicia doesn’t know what she wants. Both Ace and Adam know they have a lot to work through if they are going to be able to make their part of the relationship work—with or without Alicia.

As I’m reading on… I feel Ace is more gay than bi. I couldn’t help but feel that Alicia felt to me a little like the third wheel.
I felt so bad for Adam in this story. Ace truly crushed him. By freaking out on him.
And Ace… I feel bad for him… But I truly think he needs to stand up for what he believes in.
He can’t please everyone.Adam and Ace have some hot chemistry going on! I just love those two together. Adam is the coolheaded… Calm guy. And Adam is the hotheaded, over reacts first then calms down after kind of guy.
That makes them a perfect couple. I just love how things are unfolding between them.

So far… Up until now… Alicia hasn’t really been a big part of Adam’s and Ace’s relationship. I mean… They keep pursuing her. But I really don’t feel anything for her right now. And I think Alicia feels it too. She feels like the third wheel.

I would have hoped things with everyone would have evened out. But it still feels like two are a couple. And one is left hanging.
It also feels like Ace can’t seem to focus on two relationship at a time. When he should speak up and express himself… He clams up… Making the other person think the worse. Then he has to do damage control to fix it.

*ARC provided by author for a honest review*

In The Moment Part Four (Moments #4)

Stars: 3
Reviewed by:
Keeping two people happy in a relationship is hard enough, add in another and things get even more complicated. Adam and Ace have found their balance, but Alicia isn’t sure it’s what she wants at all. She doesn’t want a normal relationship, let alone one that is so tough to make work. Plus, just when she thinks she has made up her mind, there is another surprise that make her decision that much more difficult.
This book took a turn for me in this series.
It went from hot and heavy… To hot and a pretty serious situation happening with Alicia in the beginning of this book.
And… in the end of this book with two different situations.How both Ace and Adam handled things were just plain wrong.
For me it was unbelievable. At some point you need to just say enough is enough with Ace’s blow up’s!

And Adam….
Well…. I guess ace is rubbing off on him. He should have known better than to jump to such a big conclusion like he did. Since he’s been with Alicia the whole time.

I still feel like Alicia is the third wheel in the relationship. The ending of this book just confirms it…
For me anyway

*ARC provide by author for an honest review*

In The Moment Part Five (Moments #5)
by Rachael OrmanStars: 3Reviewed by:
Alicia is in the midst of facing a crisis while life is busy throwing other hurdles in Adam’s and Ace’s lives. After Alicia was kicked out by them, she feels abandoned at quite possibly the worst time of her life. Right when she needs them most, they appear, but there is still the fact they’d hurt her and disappeared on her, not to mention her past is still haunting her.

This last book in this series was really not doing it for me.
Everything happened way to fast. And it seemed like everyone was way to forgiving.
No one was mad…
It was totally unbelievable.Alicia should have been way more upset about how she was treated.
Adam and Ace never seem to include Alicia in anything except for sex. Which I think is why I never really warmed up to Alicia.

This line from Ace pretty much summed up how I felt about Ace not really being bi throughout this series.

“As much as I loved their soft curves and delicate bodies, I’d be sticking to men .”

I felt from book one to five that Ace and Adam had way more of a connection with each other than they did with Alicia.
No one told her about Ace’s accident. It was pretty serious. And no one felt to tell her.
They pretty much left her out of it which was wrong.
I would have though by now in this book…. There would have been more of a connection.
And… I did finally feel their connection.
But, that was way at he end of the book. I felt it should have been way sooner than that.

The sex between Ace, Adam and Alicia is pretty hot and very detailed! I loved that!

Overall… This book was ok. I wish I could have liked Alicia a little more than I did.
I loved Adam and Ace! This whole series from start to finish was a quick and easy read.

*ARC provide by author for a honest review*

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