Home Again (Home #1) by Cardeno C. Reivew


Home Again (Home #1)

by Cardeno C.Stars: 3

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Imposing, temperamental Noah Forman wakes up in a hospital and can’t remember how he got there. He holds it together, taking comfort in the fact that the man he has loved since childhood is on the way. But when his one and only finally arrives, Noah is horrified to discover that he doesn’t remember anything from the past three years.Loyal, serious Clark Lehman built a life around the person who insisted from their first meeting that they were meant to be together. Now, years later, two men whose love has never faltered must relive their most treasured and most painful moments in order to recover lost memories and secure their future.Word Count: 53,026
Home Again is set in the Home series where the books are linked by theme or world. They are independent and can be read in any order.

Right from the beginning. This book sucked me in. I was absolutely loving it.
How Noah and Clark just seemed to connect right from the very first time they met.The way the book started took me a little bit to get use to. The whole past/present story line going on.
Sometimes… That kind of writing format just kills the flow for me. Because right when I’m really getting into either the past or present story… It just ends and switches.
But, I did started to really get into it.I was really feeling this story up until chapter 17.
After that chapter… I was a little confused. It was kind of choppy.

The fact that we were not really getting the whole story and only getting little bits and pieces of what happened to them. Was extremely frustrating to me. And I’m not going to lie… My stomach just dropped.
I was really loving Noah… Up until what was revealed by Clark.
I just didn’t understand why Noah would do that to Clark. And when Noah finally revealed why he did what he did….OMG!
I was kind of pissed!… What the hell kind of excuse was that!!!

I also felt Clark was a little to willing to let things go and he was too apologetic! Like it was his fault that things happened the way they did 3 years ago. He was constantly crying and practically thanking Noah for taking him back!!
I saw him as a reserved but strong person in the beginning of the book.
But, as I kept reading… His character was taking a turn for as one of those wishy washy characters.
As I kept reading… I was really hating Noah…”I always new you’d be back”! ughhhh!
For Clark… It was all about pleasing Noah! Ughhh

I like sex in a book… Even a lot of sex. But, it seemed like they were having sex all the time. Whenever they started to talk… And it was getting really hard to express their feelings… They would kiss and do it like rabbits…lol
I was ok with it….but it was starting to be borderline to much.

I would have to say.. 17 and on… I was struggling. I really didn’t agree with Noah’s reasoning on why he did what he did.
I had mixed feelings for Noah’s brother Ben. He really made his brothers life hell growing up. He should have really embraced his brother and formed a true brother alliance.

Overall… I liked the book.. It was a solid 5 stars up until chapter 17. Then it just dropped down when I found out the reason why Noah did what he did. I just wish he had a better reason for doing it. Not because he was just so sure of himself and Clark relationship. I would have thought he would have valued his relationship with Clark than to stoop so low as to take a bet from his Brother.

Also… I felt the author left out a lot of things out.
Like how Noah got into a car accident.
His 3 years apart from Noah. And I really wanted to know more about Ben. How he got to where he is in his life.
The bonus chapter was nice… But I would have liked to see how they all got to where they were in their lives.

*Copy provided by author for an honest review*

About this author

Cardeno C. – CC to friends – is a hopeless romantic who wants to add a lot of happiness and a few “awwws” into a reader’s day. Writing is a nice break from real life as a corporate type and volunteer work with gay rights organizations. Cardeno’s stories range from sweet to intense, contemporary to paranormal, long to short, but they always include strong relationships and walks into the happily-ever-after sunset.

Heartwarming Stories. Strong Relationships. Forever Love.


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