Where Forever Lies By Tara Neideffer Review


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Frances Hernandez




Just as grief threatens to consume her, fate grabs her hand and leads her out of the darkness. 

It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when life gives you a chaotic mess of grief, but Paige Griffin is determined to make a good life for her and her three-year old daughter, Kyra. At twenty-three, she juggles her days as a nurse, with the rest of her time being a single mother. Too busy to know which way is up, she doesn’t give dating much thought until one guy makes a sudden impact on her life. 

Tyler Evans seems like a nice guy, good looking even, but Paige is hesitant about letting a guy into her and her daughter’s life, especially when he seems just as closed off as she. But once Paige keeps running into Tyler and his eight-year-old son, Brandon, she begins to realize that there’s more to him than she thought. 

Eventually, they both find themselves unable to keep their guards up any longer; but can a country boy and a city girl make a relationship work? As they both question their love, they realize that sometimes fate has its own plan for where your forever lies. 

***This is book one in a trilogy but each book can stand-alone*** 

***Due to sexual content, this novel is intended for audiences ages 18+***



Paige Griffin has had a bad year. after losing one of her best friend to suicide and the father of her only child dying in a motorcycle accident…
She cant take anymore losses.
The only thing she has time for is work and her daughter Kyra. Paige is not even looking for a relationship.

until Tyler Evens comes into her life…

He literally crashed into her life.

not only did he wrecked her car but he hit her with a basketball too!
While she was at the park with her daughter.
Paige run in to him at a bar when she is out with her friends.
Everywhere she turned…Tyler seemed to be there.
It’s like fate wanted to bring them together.

Tyler Evens is a gorgeous cowboy who is not looking for anything but a good time. After his divorce he doesn’t what any type of relationship. All he wants is to live his life out in the county & take care if his son Brandon. His son is his pride & joy & the only good thing to come out of his marriage. So for years go by with just one night stands. That’s all Tyler wants right now.
Sarah… His bootycall thinks she can change him.
But Tyler can’t see himself settling down with her. He breaks it off with Sarah but she just cant let it go.

When Tyler crashed into Paige… Everything changed for him. He couldn’t get her out of his mind. & he started to question if he really wants to stay single it give a relationship another try.

After going thought a little misunderstanding. Tyler & Paige gave into each other and started a relationship with each other.
Everything was going good. Almost too good to be true when a terrible accident happens.
That accident brings them closer together.


this book is really good! I loved it!
I love how Tyler is a nice good looking man who loves kids and isn’t afraid to be with someone who has one.
I love how both Tyler & Paige always puts their kids first before anything.

I love Paige for not giving up on love and for giving Tyler a chance.
I love a hot cowboy and Tyler is a HOT one!
I cant wait to read the next book in the series.
This book is a 4**** for me.

ARC provided for an honest review.
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About this author

Tara Neideffer was born and raised in Indiana with a love for animals, especially horses. As a child she could always be found in the saddle, running her horse at full speed through open fields. She also has a love of ghost stories and a morbid fascination with watching murder mystery shows. When she’s not busy writing, she’s taking care of her animals, spending time with her family or reading. She still lives in Indiana with her husband, daughter and stepson on twenty acres, with too many animals to name.

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